Thursday, 30 April 2015

April summary

Why count your sadness when you can actually be blessed with a little joy in your life instead?

Be content.

Be thankful.

Be grateful.

"For every minute you are mad, you lose sixty seconds of happiness." 
Life is precious. So make every second counts. 

So here are some occurrences in April that I am blessed for;

1. I've finally registered for a driving class and I already got my L license. Oh well, not trying to flaunt but I passed the computer test with just one test! (sorry not sorry ain hekhek) Oh and guess who I met? It was my friends during sekolah agama! It's been a while since I last meet them.

Meet Aliya and Atiqah

2. Got a matriculation offer at Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor for science stream. Quite many acquaintances got the same place as me and count Bobby in! Hehehe. But still, I'm waiting for the UPU result too.

3. Ok I know this is quite weird but, I actually have finished watching a korean drama entitled The Heirs. 20 episodes in 5 days! Hahaha no I'm still not a kpopers or what I just filled my leisure time doing nothing at home. But why korean drama? Blame this one guy he forced me to watch! Anyway, Eun Sang and Kim Tan are kinda sweet I meltz. Awh.

4. Since I've been craving for brownies, and all the ingredients are available at home so I made one. I also made chocolate muffin but I found out that it was kinda tasteless (takde la teruk sangat but quite tawar) but my dad, mak long and wan teh said it was just nice. Not too sweet not too tasteless. Well, you know that feel when someone loves your cooking!

chocolate fudgy brownies

tasteless-but-nice chocolate muffin

5. Lately, I've been nagging and persuading my mom that I need a new handbag and sandal. But you know.....mumsie "handbag yang ada tu pun tak pakai asyik pakai yang sama je" "baru je haritu beli kan" "nak beli use your own money" blablabla. I now learn to appreciate money even more. I now know how hard it is to get even 100 bucks. But one habit that's hard to avoid is spending money on food. Huahuahua why la food got to be so pricey these days. Back to the topic, I am so over the moon that one day I got a new bag from my grandma! Perks of being the first grandchild ngehehe thank you nenek! Muah muah.

6. Today, April 30th- I just got back from my very first driving lesson with Pak Abu. I learned about the gear thingy for about 10 mins and then Pak Abu asked me to drive around the playground, so I drove. Later on, went to Cemerlang for a visit and drove around for like 3-4 times and went back home. I drove by myself ok and surprisingly, along the journey the engine didn't shutdown. Okay, once je. And that was in front of the guardhouse at my housing area because pak guard lambat sangat buka gate! Phew anyway, thanks for the lesson Pak Abu!

7. Wohoo trying to start living a healthy lifestyle since I'm currently unemployed and all I did was eat & sleep. So I managed to complete the 30 days squat challenges. Stay fit, stay healthy! Ceh poyo je 

8. I'm that hard-to-state-and-express-feelings-towards-others kind of girl, so it actually takes a lot of courage and effort for me to state how I felt about someone. So please know that I really mean what I've said before (u know who u r). I'm glad that I've told you the truth.

9. I have finished one novel for this month! And got many more left- great.

10. Ahaaaa and I am also glad that I've finally completed my journey during PLKN post. There are four parts, and you can scroll down to find that post.


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

PLKN part 4

Okay, let's continue the journey!
This gonna be another long looooooong blogpost.


It was such a hectic week. Ok well tell me is there any week that I didn't kept on complaining about? Hahaha no. Even my mum had already accustomed with my nagging during the family visit day about 'how hot the weather is' 'how tired my days were' 'how tanned my face was'- and just so you know, it was an obvious two-toned colour I got there on my face. Every time I nag about it, she be like "Cuba la jangan asyik nak complain je, it's once in a lifetime experience so enjoy je la"  Despite the rant I've made, I do enjoyed myself there. 

Okay so the activities for this week were; flying fox, shoot using colt m16, election day, and the flood relief mission at TUDM Subang, 

Flying fox. So actually we were separated into two group, whereas Alpha&Bravo and Charlie&Delta. The first trip was Alpha&Bravo went for colt m16 shooting on tuesday whilst Charlie&Delta did the flying fox. So obviously as a Deltarians, we went for shooting on wednesday for the second trip. Charlie&Delta (well we were always meant to be together hahaha) did the flying fox first on tuesday. Did I managed to do the flying fox? Nahh, of course! ((minus the fact that I actually got freaking nervous and scared and even worse the attire that we need to wear during the activity was stuck for a while during my turn and baaaam, my fears level raised up)) It wasn't that high actually so yeah, it lessen my nervousness and in fact, it was fun! 

Where we did the flying fox

That night, we slept with our half-celoreng uniform since the next day we needed to wake up super early because the teachers said that "tayar bergolek pukul 5 pagi, siapa lambat tinggal." So we took the safe way to sleep with the uniform we should wear tomorrow morning just in case if we're all overslept.

Colt M16. So we woke up at 0330++ (gosh that was freaking early with the fact that the day before was quite a tiring day some more fuh) reached mosque for subuh prayer at 0630 and headed to the shooting range (I can't remember where exactly it was) afterwards. Wooo guys, it was damn great. We were given 10 real bullets and the target was like 100m farther, with a trainer beside us, we shoot like a boss. I was quite nervous actually but then the trainer comforted me and showed the right position to shoot and poooof, I did the first shot! Just so you know, none of my shots hit the target because I didn't exactly saw the target tho. LOL

not-so-ready face ft. m16
So guys, do not mess up with me or I'll just shoot you right on your head!

Election day. Aha yes, we did had an election day just like the real one. It's to expose us to the real situation that happen on the day of election. So there were two contested parties, Parti Kunci and Parti Tractor. Each classes got their own duty to either be the SPR, police, media, citizen, etc. What a lucky class, my class, we had to be the police which literally means we needed to wear full-celoreng! (so lucky i tell ya) ((duh no, we hate that attire bcs its freakin hot)) (((ok now i miss it already))) As you all know the process of election (if u dont know, read here) just like the past PRU13, we did exactly like that. From the nomination process till the final results, step by step we did it all. And obviously I'm not the nominee for any of the parties because nah, just too febelez to be a YB *flips hair* (kbye muntah now)

There were some of them needed to act as a pregnant woman, blind man, an insane person, old folks and many more. As a police, we have to control the situation from the havoc and ensure the day went smoothly. We did it, the election day went well. Tired? Haha of course, but we had fun and it was a great experience just before I reached 21 and can legally vote. Oh ya, Parti Kunci won for that day.

Flood relief mission at TUDM, Subang. It was saturday, the off day for everyone. Whilst everyone was sleeping and having a nice rest at dorm, few trainees and I went to Subang where the flood relief mission were held. We did nothing much there because it was already the tenth day of the mission so yeah, nothing much left. The work wasn't that much, wirawati only gossip-ing with the seniors there and relaxed while having a glass of syrup. As for wira, they did more works than us because there were boxes needed to be lifted. The day went well, we got back to camp in the evening and rushed a bit because we needed to reach Masjid Ubudiah for a talk before maghrib. Oh ya, I remembered this time where we're in the shower and heard people screamed and yelled "cepat! siapa yang pergi masjid siap cepat oi bas dah nak gerak!!!!" I was like, damn it. Like can you wait for a while I can't even take my bath peacefully because everyone was rushing like hell. Swearing this and that till a friend of mine be like... "ni memang rushing gila ni izz sampai baju pun kau tak butang!" Hahahah shiz. Thank god she realized it earlier.

Weeee finally sunday came! It was time to pay me a visit with some good foods. Huehuehue

Hahaha idk whats with the face 

Oh and Ayah told that Uncle Awang was supposed to follow them visiting me, but then he came up with something else. But no worries because Uncle is always full of surprises! Well then I opened the car's bonnet and- tadaaaa oh gosh full with foods. That food supply was like I'm going to stay there and not coming back home. Lol. And that's one of the reasons why I love sunday; mom gonna bought everything I craved for when I was confined in the camp. 

this is how my locker looks like every sunday
bcs sunday is a refill-my-food-stock kinda day

Sixth week family visit


This was such an emotional week I guess! A lot of things happened which made me, us, mentally and physically tired. And kinda a busy week too; preparation for SSP (Semarak Semangat Patriotisme) event, one of the activities for the KN module.

The week started as usual with classes and classes and talks and lectures etc. So on monday, we were given a talk about AADK (Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan) and yea, it was freaking bored. Everyone slept during the talk especially wiras. Here, where the war started. Here, where I actually got a chain letter from an anonymous (which I already knew whom) and this thing became quite a big matter when my dormmates told that one person. Hahaha am so dead, that time. I didn't really take it serious about it, I thought it was just a small matter despite the fact that I did curious about the sender. But to whom it may concern, it was such a big matter that eventually had brought us into a small fight. Your worries- I miss. (if u r reading this, i know u will, just know that it's not that i don't want to let u know by myself but- i know things gonna get worse. and it does. thats why!)

KN classes had finally ended on thursday. Well, it has been too long for this module huh since the fifth week. Oh before that, we learned about Ibadat Medan, Masak Medan and IHP (Ikhtiar Hidup Perkhemahan). Basically, all these were about survival skills in the jungle. Talking about this, I remembered my dad once told me "korang ni kalau ayah campak dalam hutan ni, memang tak hidup la jawabnya, semua benda tak reti!" Hahahahah that was urm a year ago, I guess.

By the way, we just started our practice for SSP on thursday- and the competition on the next monday! Always the last minute one. Well it was such a chaos because Delta wira and wirawati are lack at giving commitments. We were given a task where we need to do a short acting about Dato' Maharajalela and a side show which is dikir barat. You just can't imagine how stressful the rehearsal went. Attitudes- that's the major problem.

this was during the dikir barat practice 

Siti, the person in charged for organizing dikir barat, was so annoyed especially with all the wiras. I don't know why, but they're just too hard to handle. Nah, boys. And somehow it affected us, the wirawatis' mood. 

People went to plkn to get fit. I mean, at least to lose some weights. So does me, but I can't also say no to food at night when I actually skipped my dinner in the evening. Hahaha and so, there was that night where we will just sit outside under the light of thousand stars with the pleasantly windy, eating and gossiping together. This was somehow the way to cure an exhausted day; by eating and having a deep heart to heart talk with the girls.

one of those night,
 where the craving for a superb nasi lemak was fullfilled

Ok so, on friday we had an activity called DKRTG [(Daulat Kerajaan Rakyat Tanah Gelanggang) (it was a pyramid of building a developed country)] I didn't participate much because I had to go to the medic for some medical check-ups at the morning. So I joined them right after I've settled with the medic thingy. And after all, the purpose of this activity was to cultivate the patriotism in ourselves and to protect our country from any invasion. As usual, the most important thing was the cooperation and compromise between individuals. 

the teachers were acting as the invaders
while the trainees tried real hard to protect the country from the riots

that guy with the tengkolok(?) acted as a prime minister
and here was the situation where recitation of pledge by PM 

the cooperation
ps; location is at the refectory (Dewan Makan/ DM)

Yayers finally it's weekend! But-- not really a yay since this week my family wasn't coming. Saturday morning was a community service kinda day. We were divided into group and each group got different places to dedicate their service. And my group were sent to Klinik Ibu & Anak just a few metres from the camp. So we did some cleaning works around the clinic area. Went back to camp in the afternoon and kept on practiced for SSP next monday.

As for sunday, since my family didn't came so I spent my time at the dorm having a lazy lazy kinda day- sleep & eat & gossiping.

Seventh week family visit
no family, but friends oh well- almost da same! friends are family.
sunday evening
from left; atiqah/me/ain/teah/siti
(acah acah nak gi jog padahal...............*insert anything that come across ur mind*)


So the day had finally came. The day to present for SSP. We did our best, but the luck wasn't on our side. Delta got the fourth place; yea obviously it was the last place. Well, without blaming anyone we accept that hurtful fact. Right after everything was settled, Delta had a quick meeting. That was the moment where everyone who wanted to say anything can simply stand and speak. To voice out all the unsatisfied between wira and wirawati. OC (smtg like ketua kompeni) for wira and wirawati, Faez and Anis, play an important role there as a leader. They talked about our commitment, attitude and stuff to build a strong bond between us. I was quite annoyed when there were some wira who just doesn't know what manners is. Like, hello can you have a little respect your leader is talking in front and you play at the back? What even. And so the meeting ended with an agreement between wira and wirawati to learn and cooperate together peacefully without any fight for the upcoming activities or events.

From the very beginning, we've been told that we're not going to do any water sports regarding the kencing tikus cases. So no kayaking nor swimming at the camp, which is a sad news. But, we still did activity for our water confidence! 

Ok so we went to swim at Bukit Beruntung Golf Resort for our water confidence activity. The schedule was like this; all wira went to swim on tuesday whilst all wirawati stayed at camp to do physical training (TTS & marching) at padang kawad under the hot-burning-sunny day. Phew. Seriously man, it was freaking hot and we stayed there from early morning till the lunch time. Can you just imagine how burnt my face was? Ya right. 

that is how the padang kawad looks like
the one yang dekat bawah tu ok

So on wednesday, we shifted the schedule where wirawati went for swimming and wira stayed. Actually we did nothing much there, just some basic learning in the water. The activity was in group and unluckily my group got a man trainer. It was funny actually because we laughed all the time that the teacher be like "apesal korang ni tak bergerak gerak pun dari tadi berenang la asyik gelak je!" Aha quite ashamed la that time since the teacher is a male teacher. Lol.

Alright, so next event was Program Penghayatan Sastera & Bahasa (PPSB). PPSB was similar to komsas at school, basically it was all about poetry thingy. Were given a talk by someone from DBP (Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka) on thursday and the next day, friday, was the competition day. Well, just so you know here in plkn that's normal to give a task today and must be presented it on the next day. Each company got a different task and Delta got to present Nazam Kasih Ayah & Ibu and Sajak Pada Setiap Kali Kau Tiba Ogos. (nazam is something similar to syair)

ehe ehe that was me the fifth from left 

the final part of the presentation

Since we're quite unlucky for SSP, we practiced real hard for PPSB. I remembered how chaotic it was. We even had a little fight, I was kinda stressed out because I don't like rushing. Despite the fights we had, praises be to Allah that Delta won the first place. Wohooo! So all the stress and fight were all worth it. 

Charlie's trainees & I

here's after we've done the task successfully


Ok on saturday there was a blood donation day. So anyone who wanted to donate then you're welcomed and obviously I'm out. Hehe it's not that I didn't want to donate in fact, I'd love to at least once in my life to donate my blood but- I don't have the courage to. Not now maybe. 

one fine day, am definitely going to donate
um just not sure when will it be that day

That was on saturday morning. Just those whom involved stayed at DM and the others can do whatever thing they wanna do at dorm. But in the evening it was a different story then. During roll-call, I don't even know why, the trainers got hot under the collar that they went mad simply because of our pants. So here how the story was; it was all started from wira. The teacher saw many of them folding their already short sleeve shirt (inner loreng shirt) well you know...boys...nowadays trend..and so because of some, every wira needed to change to the most unwanted-to-wear-attire; full celoreng. So while the wira went to change, the teacher walked around the DM and out of a sudden, he called out all wirawati who wore pants and sport shoes besides the issued one. Unfortunately, I didn't wear the issued pants that evening. Like, it was saturday and the teacher itself once told us we can wear our own pants on weekends. But then this one teacher asked us who told that and none of us can even remembered whom. And... "kalau seluar sendiri pun seluar yang jenis macam mana yang dibenarkan pakai ha wirawati?" Oh my god. I was swearing like hell inside because damn, double unfortunate that I wore my kinda-like-yoga-pants (which quite fit but no it actually not that fit, it was just the teacher blergh -_-) but thank god it wasn't me alone there. Hahaha. The teacher even blackmailed us to collect our phone back on that particular time. Ok then this shit was getting serious. I, we almost cried. Well I did. Few minutes then, after the tolerance with the teacher he only asked us to change our pants/shoes to the issued one in 5 mins. And so we ran like a hungry lion back to dorm, changed and still swearing. Everyone was like- what the hell it's weekend kot like can you just get some chill? Ugh.

Sundaaaaaaaay! So they said this was the last visit because in two weeks time I'll be back home. Okay, I'm fine with it. I packed all my things and left only a few to use for the left two weeks and sent them all back home. If not, I'm pretty sure my luggage won't fit in those stuff.

look! i'm already tanned! 

"guysss layan i selfie pls"
Eighth week family visit


New week started with a new module! So Integrasi started on monday, as usual classes and classes. Oh and I'm being concerned when I bought a bottle of 100+ for this one person whom not feeling well on that day. Such a sweet girl I am kan? (hahaha ok izz dah boleh stop puji diri sendiri) Basically, Integrasi was about learning others culture. Not so much activity for this class and it was kinda bored. This module ended on friday. 

boring workbook

I have no idea what was going on that tuesday but the teachers were going mad that we (wirawati) have to gather at 0000 in front of dorm Cempaka because Cikgu Ija asked us to. To gather there at 0000 was already crazy and even worse was that we needed to be there with our full-celoreng, like whaaaat? Full-celoreng at 0000? When we're supposed to sleep? Like seriously? Yea, seriously. The worst part of that day was, we NEEDED TO MUST TO HAVE TO FREAKING SLEEP WITH FULL CELORENG WITH THAT BOOTS. No we can't cheat because the teachers did a spot check on us whenever they wanted to. That was the worst night ever- to sleep with full celoreng with that boots with that uniform and even with our tudung on, can you imagine how? 

The next morning I went to class and someone from my group which I can't remember who it's either Afiq or that tall guy (sorry i cant remember your name huhu) asked how did we sleep the night before. And I told them all, and they simply said "oh yeke kesian gila, kitorang tidur lek je pakai kain pelikat" What the fish la wei wira slept peacefully while us wirawati? When the real cause was from wira and that buah kelapa thingy idk. 

On thursday, it was World Interfaith Harmony Week 2015. So we were divided into group and mine was at Church of Our Lady of Lourde. Truth be told, it was my first time ever entering a church. Ya, I did enter it and saw everything in it. It was exactly like the church in any movies just that this time, it was real right in front of my own two eyes. Were supposed to do some cleaning works around the church and painted the wall but me and my friends were busy sight-seeing some international school's boys played basketball beside the church. Hahaha what even. And yes it was the time to withdraw your allowance! We stopped by at Petronas NKVE and did a little shop there. I bought mcd & subway for my own satisfaction because I didn't know what to buy- I feel like buying everything.

This weekend was one of the best weekends even though my family didn't come to visit. We had outdoor sports on saturday at Kolam Air Panas near the camp. So we walked about 1000m to reach there and it was really fun!

Wirawati Delta

There were many activities organized and it was a burning sunny day. Yeah I enjoyed cheered for my team, Delta. (bcs i didn't participate in any of the activities hehe) Well actually there was a dress code, unfortunately, it was kinda hard for wirawati to find those shirts so yea we just wore our PT shirt. Supposedly, we should wear green shirt to symbolize Delta.

and that is Delta's flag

musical chair
(guess who won? hiewhiew)

Surprisingly, wira from each company followed the dress-code. That's da spirit! Alpha-red Bravo-blue Charlie-yellow Delta-green. We girlsss can't find any good idea other than wore a green ribbon on our head, so it looked like a green headband there. But I found that it looked more like a nurse! Hahahah but still, we looked cute. Eh

from left; wern ni, nazatul, aqilah, nazmin, ain, aziera, pei tong, me and teah
ps: don't compare my skin with pei tong bcs obviously im hitam-er

Deltarians <3

This sunday was the last family visit day. Nayli asked to join her since her mom brought quite a lot of food. So I went there with Ais, Azie, Teah and Fie. 

Last week family visit
i tried to look sopan santun but- fail


Gosh! Finally! The last week! 

Be ready cause I'm gonna spam with a lot of pictures!

How did I feel? I was glad that the torturing schedule (woke up real early, tiredness, rushing, packed time) had ended. I was glad that I could finally went back home and slept on my comfy bed. I was glad that I didn't have to do laundry using my hand. I was glad that no one will ever scream "MAWARRRRRR DALAM KIRAAN 10 SEMUA DAH KELUAR!!!!!" during subuh prayer. But somehow, deep inside I wasn't really wanted to go back home. I didn't wholeheartedly wanted to go back because I did not want to leave them. I did not want to be separated from them. Two months had already made me love them and now we had to leave. I definitely hate separation; in any forms. 

So we had our Wirajaya on tuesday. Wirajaya was like the peak activity in national service. In the morning we had jungle trekking. Sadly, we did not sleep in the jungle due to some reasons. Even sadder was that wirajaya was held only for a day. Cooking in the jungle? Sleeping in the tent in the middle of the jungle? Nah, no such thing. But still, it was a great day indeed. 

during the jungle trekking 

nice shot isn't it?

Yes, our outfit was full-celoreng outfit with a backpack to bring along your needs, food & water. The route was quite challenging but I managed to face it all. And you guess what people? After went through all the obstacles, the route actually brought us back to the place where the sports were held last week. The place where we could actually reached there within 1000m from the camp hahaha. 

meet Fatin and Teah

Once we reached there, we had our lunch and prayer at the open spaces near the playground there. So here where we did some activities like navigation, cooking and first-aid. Each company needed to divide their member into group for each activity. So I chose the first-aid activity where there will be victims in pain and we had to help them using the correct way in order to win the activity.

penat jungle trekking lah kononnya tu kihkih
meet Teah and Azie

Later in the evening we went back to camp using 1000m route to build and decorate our border region at the kembara halangan site. So each company wira & wirawati got their own site to build their so-called-home. Here where the cooperation is needed the most! Because we were given only few hours to build the tent and do some decorative thingy.

so this is Delta's archway

not-so-easy to build tent

Did everything together despite the fights and unsatisfaction between each other.
After everything was done successfully, here we go guys selca twime!

Gosh, I miss them!

Been asked to go back to have our dinner at DM and we were given time till isya prayer to do anything and must gathered back at the site after that. So instead of dinner, I went back to dorm to take a quick shower since the whole day was such a sweaty day. Then we went back to our site and that night we had some activities till midnight. I enjoyed myself instead of complaining how tired I was. Since we didn't sleep at the site, we went back to dorm around 0140+, I guess. Yea it was a tiring day since early in the morning so most of my dormmates slept right after we reached there. But not for me as I can't sleep with my dirty-stink-self, it was just uncomfortable. So I bathe again at 0200 in the morning. Wohoo am I brave enough? Kehkehkeh 

If the first week I woke up for subuh prayer at 0400, as week passes by, no more 0400 not even 0500 nor 0530. It was only for the first two week I woke up by myself. The weeks onward, I have Adilah as my alarm clock. No, we almost everyone in the dorm needs Adilah to wake them. I have my alarm clock beside me but I didn't hear anything. My bed was in the middle of the dorm and Adilah's at the back the last one beside the door and- she can hear my alarm. Almost every morning she be like "Izz bangunlahhhhh alarm dekat sebelah telinga pun tak dengar!" But it was true, I didn't hear anything. Tidur mati barangkali. Hahaha. 

from left; adilah, aqilah, nazatul and me wtih my tudung senget -_-
thanks dilah for wake me up every morning! muah muah

The next day, wednesday, we had our farewell. Omg it was so sad I can't even believe that it finally had come to an end. Many performances were made by the trainees and even the teachers & staffs. So I got to perform for dikir barat again! (was forced to, bcs they're not enough of people) (well i kan baik so i joined them) (rela dalam terpaksa ceh ok tak jkjk) 

dikir barat-mates//dormmates
from left; me, ain, teah, adilah & atiqah

We talked. We laughed. We took photos. We cursed. We enjoyed. We had fun. 

some of Mawarians

Now the climax had reached when the closing ceremony had already done. It was thursday in the morning where we had our closing ceremony. Where we officially completed our training here in national service. That was the day where tissues were the most important thing in my pocket. Everyone cried, I cried. 

during the closing ceromony

After quite some times we were standing there under the sunny day, after all the speeches had end, it was time to greet and kiss and hug session with all the trainees and trainers. That was the moment where everyone cried. Even precious because not even us wirawati but, some of the wiras also cried. Awwh that was such a sweet thing when I saw the boys hugged each other and cried.

"ok guys lek lu"

"ok now in 3 campak beret, 1 2 3!!!"

So basically after the closing ceremony ended, at 1600, we can already went back home. That thursday evening was the last day, for some. At first, when we were told that bus trip for Kajang was on sunday, I was like damn no way it was the last trip! I was about to ask my parents to fetch me either on friday/saturday but then Ain, Amii and Fatin said they gonna stayed and went back by bus so I was kinda relieved- I stayed. 

That thursday evening, Aziera and Aqilah were leaving, so I followed to send them back. Suddenly, on my way to send them, I bumped into someone and "Izz, i balik petang ni tau." That moment, the moment where I don't even know why but- I was dumbstruck and speechless and part of me was mentally brokedown. I walked away and again, I don't even know why; I cried. Ain and Teah witnessed how terrible I was at that moment. It happened spontaneously so I can't really avoid it when the tears suddenly drop down kan? I cried the whole journey to send them back that I can't even answered any calls. (drama queen sangat) 

i was holding that tissue the whole evening, to wipe off the tears

sending qilah back home!

Went back to dorm and they all was like "Izz ok tak ni?" "Izz lek ah jangan sedih." "Izz asal kau nangis?" Izz that Izz this don't this don't that hahaha thanks for your concern guys! But the truth was that I cried even more when they said those things. I just can't. (yea, am such a sensitive girl that cry over silly things) And only on the break time in between maghrib and isya, I knew the truth. It was just a joke, that person wasn't going back home that day. Kinda relieved- but I feel like punching you right on that particular time! (you better be sorry for that and treat me an ice cream later on! I cried so hard kot! Hahaha. u know who u are *smirks*) 

On friday, more trainees were going back and the others who went back by bus can simply lepak and do anything. So our routine on that day was eat-sleep-gossip and repeat. Oh and, selfie! 

semua muka dah hitam kahkahkah

Luckily, the teacher said since most of them already went back with their parents, bus for Kajang trip might be on saturday too! Wohoo! And that friday night, we had a karaoke session. Unfortunately, the songs were not up-to-date. Hahaha old songs babe and some I've never heard before. Lol

karaoke twime!
look! i wore baju batch JESS ok ceh

location; dorm

Okay, this has come to the sad part. It was saturday, the day to leave the camp. I was quite reluctant to leave everyone and say goodbye. But what to do, life goes on. We had to separate and say goodbye. That day, I didn't cry but I felt so sad. The fact that after this it's going to be hard to meet each and everyone of them, that's sad. 

saturday morning

semua perempuan
yang kat belakang tu
hahaha kbye

just before we were leaving tsk tsk

The moment I entered bus, that was the moment where I knew that I'll be missing that place so much. 

DPMW11, had completed her national service training.

Definitely will always be one of the best experiences in my life.
Thank you for all the memories.
Goodbye Pelangi Hill Resort.

The end.

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That's it, my whole journey in Kem PLKN Pelangi Hill Resort.

As I'm typing this, I am already missing those moments and currently reminiscing it awhh

Ps; to whom it may concern, thanks for the photos!

Thanks for reading!