Monday, 31 January 2011

Visit My Girlfriends !

Hey guys :) just wanna ask your kindness to visit my girlfriends blog. Haha ni start from Eyqa lah ni, dia suruh tolong promote kann. 'Cause dia nak followers yg banyak banyak punya! Okay then, I'll do it for you.

nahhh ,

Sharifah Nuraina - http://___________.

Oopss , wanna know Sharifah Nuraina link ? Go and ask her by yourself. 'Cause she private it from anon. You can ask and depends on her whether she wants to give or not. Don't force her okay. Or she will mencarut and kutuk-kutuk you nanti. Hahah dia memang PAKAR dalam bab nihh. hee sorry Bobby :D kehkehkeh

okay, stay tuned!

- izz

Sunday, 30 January 2011


HELLO UNINVITED READERS ! Dah puas kutuk aku ? hah ? oh aku tau belum ! orang macam kau mmg takkan puas. Eh, please laa yg kau sebok sgt apahal ? Tak faham betul aku masalah kau ni -.-' stalk page org lps tu nk kutuk sane sini. Mampus aku la nak tulis ape pun. It's not your business. It's my account, so what ? aku boleh buat ape-ape yg aku sukaa! Kau jugak yg cakap blog aku mcm ********* kan ? so, blahh laa. Tk payah nk melawat blog aku lg. Yang kau kesah sangat ayat aku tunggang langgang kenapa ?  =___=  Daripada kau menyakitkan mata kau nk baca, baik lah kau berambus je wehh. Asal tak letak je nama kau dekat situ, asal nk kene jd GUEST jgk ? hah asal ? Kecut ? omg, sumpah sakai gilaa.

So, tak payah nk sakai sangat lahh. Nak ckp org bodoh, eh hello kau tu dah cukup bagus sangat ke ? Oh lupa pulak aku, kau ade ckp yg 'aku memang pengecut, tp aku pandai' OMG OMG OMG ayat tak boleh nk power lg ke wehh O.O hahahah kesah ape aku kau pandai ke tak ke sikit pun aku tak heran. Org pandai tak kecut nak tayang nama dia sendiri untuk menegur kesalahan seseorang. kau ? how about you honey ?

Oh please, aku tak sukalah nk mencarut carut ni. And seriously, I have no idea about who are you. So come on la, nk tegur tu elok eloklah sikit. Kau stalk page org then terus nk hentam dia macam tu je ? ape kau rase kalau org buat dekat kau macam tu ? So, mind your words please.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Holidays !

okay guys, wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAY !
Enjoy it even it's just a week. Full it up with awesome activity with your family or your friends.

much love,
- izz

Thursday, 27 January 2011

masalah orang tak faham bahasa -.-

boleh baca ni tak ? ke nk lg besar ? -,-

Oh shit ! gila punya orang. Eh lantak aku lah ape aku nak buat. Account aku, blog aku, web aku.

orang lain faham je, kau asal tak ? =.= hahaha masalah gila ! hello stalker, ayat aku tunggang langgang sekali pun, tkde kaitan dengan kau pun lahh. sukahati aku lahh kau kesah ape ? MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS PLEASE :) yang kau nk kecoh pahal ? stupiddo -.-'

Sunday, 23 January 2011

It's Saturday, enjoy it !

Today, Saturday people. Have fun with great friends today even really tired. In the morning I and Bobby went to Moon's house to make a great timetable class. But since we reached there at about 9.30, we're eating all the time. As usual, we talking, gossip-ing and laughing without see the time goes faster. We started our work at a few minutes before going to school. No matter how, we still can finished up. Ohh and yeah we also bake a waffle. And yeah, it's really yummmmy! I likee it. Moon thaught me and Bobby how to bake it. And this is what we obtained after bake 15 love waffles.

Awwh, cute right ? yeah I know. Just see who baked it ? hahaha :P *perasan*

Oh and yeah, I've a story. Know what ? CRAZY PEOPLE in front of me have a mental problem. And he's rude yknow! Crazy! And yeah, he always babbling something blablabla I don't care. And know what, he says that me Moon, and Bobby CRAZY! Didn't he realize that he's the one who's crazy. He always said 'takde nama ke' . Ergh, crazy people. And he's really busybody. I throw out my book, he make furious at me. He said 'ha campak buku campak' something like that lahh. eugh. I don't know what is wrong with that person. He always not satisfied with me! duhh -.- gila punya orang ! 

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Hello yaww :]

Yesterday I've just got my school magazine, Bitara VII. It's really nice and got many memories in 2010. The funny one, was the one that in class picture. Everybody had their own characters and personalities. No matter what, its still be the best memory. And I'll miss it so much. 2010 is the one of the best year I ever had. Too many memories in 2010, sweet, bitter, we shared it together. Even its hurt, we through it whether it's hard or not. And I really miss the moment we did bad things together and we've been punished together. hahah :8

Ahhh, damn miss it ! Hope that time had a rewind button. Uhh, it will never had so stop dreaming to have that button. Just go on with your life and never regret it. Enjoy every seconds, every moment in your life. 'Cause it cannot be rewind back. Let the pass stay as a sweet memory in your life and goes on with future !

Stuff Done by Little Sister :)

Hey all :)

Know what my little sister did last week ? eugh. I'm so angry. nahh, not really actually. My little sister, Nur Izz Farhani or much known with her indulgent name, Ebby. I know it doesn't have any relationship with her real name. But she comfort when people call her Ebby.

She's just 7 year old and just start her new life with school. Currently studying at JEPS which is my primary school too. She had done really silly stuff last week. And yet, now I've the time to post bout it. One night, when I'm get on to bed, I took my lovely teddy bear which up there in the picture. Then after few minutes I've hold closely with that bear, suddenly I smell something weird. And I know who did it. Not more not less it must be done by Ebby. And I was just like ;
"Ebby, kenapa bear ni bau perfume kakak dgn bau bedak?"
"heheh :D manada, Ebby letak bedak je sikit dekat dia."
And I was like "TIPUUUUU, ni bau perfume!" Then I know what she had done with that bear. She took my perfume and spray on it and also took my body powder and put it on the bear face. And yeah, until now, the bear still smelled with that mixed perfume and powder.

But yeah, its okay little sis. I forgive you this time. Next time, I kill you if you take my stuff again. hahahaha :P JK lol . Little kid doing weird stuff. No worries xoxo !

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Gossip-ing , must be done everyday by us !

Hello readers :)

" Kita kutuk dia, dia dapat dosa, Dia kutuk kita, kita dapat pahala "

nahh stupid? Yeah, I know it's such a stupid statement. Doesn't matter, chill I'm really love this statement even it's really stupid. hahah :8 just like we everyday love gossip-ing kutuk-ing mengumpat-ing etc. So yeah, we just don't care what people say bout us, 'cause this how we are. They want to say we guys gedik? so let it be. We never ever cares bout it. And I just like really love gossip-ing with my girlfriends ; Bobby, Moon, Najwa, Eyqa, Nisa. And it will be a must thing we'll done everyday in school. I love them. They're my girlfriends, and also my half, so don't you ever try to hurt them. Once you try, means you really want my shoes! 

Okay, I don't know why. But this two girls in my class always said 'aku rase dia suka kau la' duhh -,- know why? Because of this one guy in my class which is sit in front of me, he's WEIRD. I really mean it. He likes every few minutes he will look back. I don't know what he saw at the back but he always looked back. I don't really notice it but this two girls which is Bobby and Moon always conscious of his behavior. And I acctually not really comfort when he's do that. So yeah, please guy in front of me, DON'T LOOK BACK ANYMORE! cause my crazy friends will think other things.

p/s : Enjoy your Thaipusam day people ! cheers.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

You changed :(

I do miss the old you ! so much.

Where have the old you been ? You promise with me that you will stay be my best buddy. Why you changed this year ? why ? can you please answer me. 'cause you made me and actually us, thought bad things about you. It's just because you and your attitude changed! A LOT. okay then, I don't want to pick a fight with you. I just miss the old you. The one that I've known since primary. I hope we're getting better. 'cause I don't want to end up this friendship. A friendship that have being long time ago we build. Don't just end it like this. Please :(

Friday, 14 January 2011

Hari Gelak - Gelak :)

Ohh hey dudee !

okay , harini mcm ape jee . laughing all the time ! gosh . gila kann ? daripada datang , sampai dah balik sekolah , GEEEEELAKK jee . sometimes rase mcm orang gilaa pun ade . hahah :D chill . tu mmg rutin harian lah kalau dah kawan dgn orang yg mmg gila gila nii . rase mcm perut otak ape bnde semue nk pecah dahh . hish gelak tk igt dunia .hahaha :P

Tadi ade perjumpaan Kelab Persatuan , then mmg sumpah gila blurr and mcm blank gila . taktahu nk masuk ape . then jalan jalan , sampai dkt 5 cend , Kelab Rukun Negara . Tengok kelas tu kosong jee , then masuk lahh . sekali bile dah masuk , ramai pulak yg datang . Tapi yang ramainye budak form 1 jee . maluu kott , aku bobby and moon je yg senior kt situu . hahah , doesn't matter . yang pasti , semue dpt jawatan . yela , dah 3 org je seniors . lawakk gila kott . haih me , Nur Izz Hanani masuk Klab Rukun Negara ? whattheee . tak percaya kann . bhahaha tauu . nmpk pelik gila tp tkpe , I'll try my best to enjoy it . :D

Kayy see you again Blogger ! :)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

First Week of School !

hello people ! :)

okay , first week school je homework dah belambak . kelas pulak rase macam , hmm tak best macam last year . senyap sunyi jee , indians tkde . tapi okay lah cuz my geng ade jugak yg stay same kelas . Munawwarah and Sharifah Nuraina . yeahh loveyouguys lahh . hahaha :P maybe jarang update laa bcs now dah school kan . So weekends je boleh online . kay , that's all for now . Enjoy your day guys !