Sunday, 12 June 2016


When your heart is broken into pieces but you gotta stay strong.

When you're as fragile as a glass.

When you get easily annoyed with everyone/thing.

When you cried over the simplest thing.

When you're physically, mentally, emotionally broke.

When you've done your best but no one seems to appreciate it.

When you're given the right to choose but your decision is blatantly being opposed.

When you tried so hard to please everyone but no one actually cares about how you felt.

When everything seems to never go right no matter how hard you try.

When you tried to hide your feelings hoping they would notice and wheedle but no they did not.

When things you did being disputed.

When petty things seems a big deal for you.

When you tried to mend your messy soul & life.

When you can't breathe because the pain in your chest is unbearable.

When you can't hold but to bawl your eyes out.

When you're tongue-tied and terrified of what you said.

When the struggles take courage but people seems to jeer at it.

When people left you high and dry.

When nothing left can be said apart from sorry.

When you're downhearted and things reduce you to tears.

When people said they would understand but they actually didn't even a bit.

When the hand to hold is letting go.

When you're already in pain but still try to take care of others' feelings.

When your whole world is turning upside down and falling apart yet you can still pretend to be happy and faking smile simply because you don't want others to get hurt.