Friday, 30 June 2017

Sums up of June 2k17

1. Alhamdulillah I am so grateful and thankful that the first week of Ramadhan is a week of holiday, which literally mean I got to spend my first week of fasting at home. Hehe. Ibu woke me up every morning for sahur and all I gotta do is eat cause she prepared everything (yep, even sendukkan nasi for us). Ayah cooked for iftar almost everyday for the whole week and fgs people, dad's cooking is much more better than the one bought at bazaar. Couldn't be any blessed.

2. Unplanned iftar with Aifaa and Siah (UKM gurls) on the last friday of the hols. I went to UKM, break-fasting with a super yums mango float, perform our maghrib prayer and shoot off to Paramount Coffee House at Bangi Sentral. This was unplanned. We were like just go with the flow. Had a nice night after quite some times since our last met.

The food was yums!

3. Hols over, and yeah went back to college and it was my very first time fasting at UiTM. Everyhing went just fine. A bunch thanks of course to my fellow roommates because they woke me up every single day for sahur hehe. I did set my alarm but I still need the touch of a human being hahaha

4. One day I felt so emotional don't even know why, but I just wanted to be alone and have my me time. So I decided to go to engine tower since there got lots of place and spot to study (table & chair). But then Ida didn't let me go alone. And so she accompanied me to my fav spot at engine tower, level 11. Later almost 10+pm got a call from someone asking whether or not I want anything from mcd. At first I was just too lazy but after he insisted then ya okay we had our supper at mcd. 

5. Had iftar with my #smffams at dataran shah alam together with Sir Fairus. We enjoyed the night, and honestly I love gathering like this where we can talk, laugh and have fun together without any stress from our work(s).


6. Week 13 & 14 were such stressful weeks, I just had it enough. I can barely breathing due to the tests, assignments, quizzes, presentations and all. I was so stressed.

7. We had a closed small ceremony for the artists/managers/anyone who involved in WIRASA in the evening and iftar with le #smffams again but this time we prayed together, read yaasin together and ate together all in our beloved 'bilik SMF'. 

Majlis Apresiasi WIRASA

O well, this is our room.

8. On the 17th, yeah it's weekend. Ain had the 'kacau dodol' thingy annually so we decided to iftar and sleepover at her's. I took ktm from shah alam to ukm and Ain picked me up straight to her house. Then later around maghrib Bobby came. We spent the night really well that the next morning I woke up at 1pm (pastu gelabah sbb nak rush back to shah alam balik hahaha) sadly, Sheda couldn't join us because she was down with a fever.

oh and, nabil joined us makan makan too

and here are the dodol i made.
lol jk

9. Also had iftar with Auni and her two boy friends. Hahaha no actually Auni asked me to teman her because she was shy shy like that. So we went to Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang for iftar. Few days after, Naza and I break our fast at KFC.

10. As I told ya before (point no. 6), this month was such stressful month. My sleeping pattern was ruined. I couldn't sleep at night till it's 3 or 4 in the morning and I'll be sleepy all day long during the day. Heck yeah. There were nights I slept early and at 3am I'll automatically awake. Whatever it is, my body clock is ruined, that's the point here. 

11. Went out to mcd for the sake of ice-cream and got back to college at 2am. He was crazy for being so cool when I was gelabah nak mamps because scared of being merit and all with the guard. Oh and, another crazy thing I did at the end of this month was, agreed when he asked for a midnight movie. Enough said. (the rest let just keep to myself, hahahaha)

12. It's rayaaaaa guys! So this year was dad's side turn which means not going back to Johor. The first day of raya as usual spent the day at Bangi, precisely at Maklong's because that's where nenek and atuk stayed. We visited some of our relatives in KL and of course, I ate way too much. Haha but the best thing about this year raya was we're going for a short vacayyyy weee! Guess where? Wait for the next post ok!

family portrait 💗