Saturday, 30 April 2011

It's your day my dear ;)

Hey all :)

Okay here you are, 


Hey sweetie, you're fourteen now may Allah bless you always k honey. LOL okay tktau nk cakap apa, just wanna wish you for the 10-20 or more birthday wishes. hihihi oh and take a good care of the present I gave it to you k? And thanks for being my really super great friends whenever I need you. You always be there when I need you up. Your problems your happiness your joyness with me such a great things yknow. 

And please always remember that i love you till the end of my life :) I'm sorry if I'm the reason you always been sad. I'm sorry if I'm such a bad friend to you. But till iloveyou nisa 

Izz :)

P/S : Actually her birthday was on 28th April but I've no time to update 'bout it till today. Kbye.    

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

When dreams too high and now it's destroyed


Just knew the really-maybe-sad thing happen. :( It's really sad when your dreams been destroyed aite? Yeah for sure, haih dah lama dah angan-angan nak pergi dengan dia dan dia. Tapi tadi, tibatiba semuanya DIBATALKAN. With the reason, 'ada masalah sikit' teacher said lahh. 

Before this, we guys dah planning macam macam dah, like really tak sabar gila nak pergi. And now? huh hopefully, there's wii be another trip for us. hopefully :(

Yeah haih mende tah emo emo nii, cehh gila kbye :B

Monday, 25 April 2011

Stop It

Hello :)

okay, look aku like seriously tktau macam mana dan kenapa korang selalu sangat nak cari pasal heh? Eii, just now dekat sekolah tadi tu, SERIOUSLY I'M NOT ACCIDENTALLY LOOKED AT YOU GUYS OKAY? Like really, masa jalan tu and from a long distant, yes aku ada nampak sorang budak ni duduk dekat tangga yang bawah tu and muka dia memang lebih kurang macam muka one of you guys lah en. But aku terfikir yang dekat situ selalunya budak form2 yang lepak. So aku pun macam, haih salah orang maybe, buat donno jelahh.

Then suddenly dah sampai betulbetul depan tangga tu, I'm still not realized that you guys sat there too. But after dengar korang panggil panggil nama tu, then bobby and moon pun macam pandang dekat tangga sana tu, haa aku macam dah agak ah tu korang. So aku pandang la secara tak sengajanya sebab aku nak make sure siapa orang yang sebut nama tu, then nahhh terbukti sangkaan aku betul, memang korang rupanya.

But seriously, how come bobby moon nisa boleh nampak boleh cam tu korang, sedangkan aku sendiri tak nampak? haih weird and it's really really weird. Serious malu nak mampus lah tadi.

So guys, please la stop ejekejek aku macam tuu okayyy? Tak suka laa. :(

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Crappy Annoying

hey hoi (:

Oh ha as you guys knew, Facebook was really annoying nowadays. Like shit yknow, yeah mana taknya, semangat bukak fb bukakbukak tengok ada banyak notifications lagi la semangat sekali bukak noti tengok apa yang keluar tau? 


And I was like, asdfghjkl shit okay shit. haih, what's wrong with facebook? Just act like crap nowadays. No wonder la now ni dah malas nak bukak fb, twitter ke weheartit ke tumblr ke lagi bagus lahh. 

Dang dangg -...- what happen to you my dear facebook? Now, you've been really annoyed with that such things. LOLOLOLOLO haih kbye.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Oh hey dudes! oh ha, yeah folio folio, IHATEYOUSOMUCH lahh.haih due date dah dekat, tapi folio front page pun belum siap. Good job bebeh, well Nur Izz Hanani kan? Memang rajin sangatlah nak buat benda alah ni awal awal, esok nak hantar ha malam tu la nanti terhegeh-hegeh nak buat. Believe me.

Well, teacher I'm really busy lah with lifes. Till have no time to do that such thingy stuff. hoho sorry sorry yo! Busy pun bukan buat apa pun, buat homeworks yang berguni-guni yang cikgu bagi ni jugak haa. So understand me lah why I'm so lazy to do this folio things. If teacher give the points then great lah, 'cause I just have to elaborate it, but now teacher just not-giving-anything-at-all except the pages, what font, size, blablabla else.

Haih, its okay lah tunggu lah nanti dalam 2-3 hari lagi aku rajin, aku buatlah. Ni mood memang sentiasa 'rajin' nak membuatnya hah jadi macam ni lah, okay tau ayat aku kel-ing-ish sikit. K fine banyak -,- dah diam ahh. Lempang kang, tembak kang, sunat kang, tikam kang. K dah gila dah ha. KBYE

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Happy Birthday boy :]

MuhammadIzzZakiZarimHazmalee (:

Hey you! Happy birthday buncit :D

Hahah yeah it's your birthday and enjoy it. Okay I know, you're the boy that pick a fight with me like almost everyday or maybe every single minutes you've. Am I? hah yes it is man. I know. Well, it doesn't matter, you're still my brother, even you always be the reason why I'm mad like crazy. hahaha :P

So, okay again HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY adik gemok yang buncit D: May God bless you, and good luck in your life. Don't be a naughty boy okay, and do listen to me when I'm babbling to you 'cause there's a goodness inside what I'm talking nonsense to you.

your comel kakak you ever have (:

Friday, 15 April 2011

Small Little Big :D

Hey Aliens out there :]

How's life? I want to apologize for the rarely blog updated. Well yknow, I have no time to online. Busy with homeworks and stuffs. This things mess me up. There's a lot of things I wanna share with you blogger, but it seems that I lack of time to log in here. Except on weekends.

I mean like really, I'm not blogging for a long time. I miss you Blogger. lol :3 sometimes, when I log in up this blogger, I forgot what to post about and suddenly blank. haih what a really not so strong memory I have. Always forgot everything.

Heh, okay okay gtg. Sorry for the short entry. This is a quick post actually. I gtg. See yahh (:

Sorry aliens,
lot of things to do, Kbye.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

You annoyed me up


Eugh, ahhhhhhhh know what? Benci gila babs do bila kau buat muka yang agak bangang tuu! Rasa nak lempang sepak terajang semua lahh, eei, please la doo. MENYAMPAH -,-

Kang kalau lempang kang, menangis pulak. Aku jugak yang susah nanti, lebih baik sabar je lah en. Tapi sabar aku ada limit jugak la bro! Bila kau buat aku macam ni macam tu, boleh pulak tapi bila aku buat dekat kau? Tak boleh enn? macam tu pulak, aihhh memang mintak kaki aku la tuuu.

But it's okay, I've a big patience here, 'cause my faith still strong. If not, I think I gonna kill you. And thank god you're my fleshblood, if not, haih I don't know lahh. You make me feel wanna kick your ass away with your very super duper annoying face with the eyes like that. Like really.

I may look calm, 
but in my head  I've killed you three times .


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Life been cranky

Oh hello people :)

It's been a really long time I'm not blogging, so sorry aliens. Yeah well, I'm really busy with life. So how you guys doing? I'm too busy this recent. There's no time for me to online-ing and all. Well, everyday I got a tons of homework okay, like really. haih everyday yknow, pity me :( What else can I do beside doing that tons of homework? Nahh, I can't do anything, every single moments, was doing homeworks.

School, I'm really exhausted with this homework. Teacher only know give the homework and collect it when they wanted and us, must do the works they gave. Next year, I'm pmr candidates and this year I'm like there's nothing to worry about. Just relax and enjoy with buddies, and without I'm realize now is April. God, 3 months ago with nothing in my head. And the latest test, my marks on March test was really really sucks. I need to study like really hard and smart okay. I MUST TO.

Friends, as usual nothing different. Became more crazy since that day. My crazy friends, I love them. You have one like them? I bet, no. I just hope our friendship last forever, till death till my last breathe. Sometimes, I wonder, why does that people we look really pretty, beautiful and almost perfect, have lots of problem in their life. Like really complicated, especially with friends. But, alhamdulillah I got some friends that can be share sad and happy times together. Thankyou, you guys really make my day. Everysingleseconds.

Folio, haih haih haih I'm too lazy about this kind of work. Yes, yknow we must search here and there, and interview this people that people, think about the essay, what to write about, how to describe it, how to elaborate it, ahhh such a complex work. Too many things to do. Folio, complicated :/

I love this crazy tragic
sometimes almost magic awful beautiful life :)