Friday, 18 January 2013


Hello peeps. So, I think this is my first post in 2013 huh? Yea, I have no time to sit and stare at the pc like I used to. Because? Bcs I am now in form 4. Form 4 means not a honeymoon year especially for science stream student like me. Need to struggle even more since I take pure science + account which is 10 subjects all together.
So far so good. Everything's went well. And I hope it will always be. To get straight A's is not easy measy. And to get straight A+ is not like a piece of cake. Dont ya ever think you'll achive that by laying on your bed & doing nothing. Do not. And to get my goal for my SPM, I need to start from now. Like really right now.
Bcs I want my 10A+!!!!

Loves xx