Friday, 25 April 2014

Not love but hate

I hate people.

I hate how they never appreciate me. I hate how they never realise my existance. I hate how they never try to understand me. I hate how they take me for granted. I hate how they talk to me when they're in trouble/bored. I hate how they never see my efforts trying to be happy for them. I hate how they left me behind. I hate how they automatically forget abt me when they've found smtg/smone. I hate how they never realise that im there whenever they need me--but they. I hate that they never realise their words affect me. I hate how their acts pissed me. I hate that i have to pretend like everything's okay when it's clearly obviously NOT.

I am always trying to look fine, to be fine in order to not destroy the relationship between me and people. Trying so hard to not care, but i can't cause im only human. Human with a freakin fragile heart. I easily get offended without people even knowing.

Wtvr it is, life goes on.

Monday, 7 April 2014

After all

Ahaaaaaaa. Holla bloggies. Its been awhile since i last talk to u i guess. Ok, this is the first post ever for 2014. After almost 3 months away in this year huh.

Ive so much things to write that i dont even have time for it. Well ya, im 17 this year which so called SPM year. Yeap, its finally the last year of high school. Idk what to feel. Excited? Yes of course i am. Im freakin tired with all those so called school stuff. And yea im excited to finally get into my uni-life. "once u get into uni life, u ll wish for ur high school life back" "tgklah nnt mesti regret ckp nak membesar" "u gonna miss your high school life" and blablabla. This is so typical. I mean yeah what goes around comes around kan? So let it be lah. I mean sukahatilah nak rasa apa pun as if u never wish for those things dulu dulu. Sad? Of course im sad that i have finished my school life--soon. As im getting older, things become harder and you just need to do everything by yourself. Of course i will miss my friends, teachers and all the memories for 5 years of high school.

I have my own dreams. So i must chase for it. The focus now is spm. It starts from here. The future is in my hand. Its me who going to make it shine bright like a diamond or the other way. It is all about me and myself. I need to do something in order to get that 'something'.

Till now, goodnight.