Monday, 11 July 2016

Ramadhan ft Kuih Raya Project

Alhamdulillah this ramadhan I got to spend the whole holy month at home (last year was in kms). I don't know if it's only me or what but this ramadhan is passing by so fast like it's only 3 days away till Syawal.

Ramadhan at home means you got to eat your fav food every time during suhoor and breaking-fast. Suhoor at college; bread/biscuits everyday. Suhoor at home; rice everyday. I don't know how every mom does it but, I just salute them so much. Everyday mum will wake up early to cook for suhoor, prepared everything and by everything I mean EVERYTHING that I just need to sit and eat because she even prepared us a plate filled with rice and a cup of tea. You just need to senduk lauk and eat. After finished preparing everything she will wake everyone else at 0500 usually to eat. Whilst, me awake at 0500, does not need to do anything but can't even walk up straight. My brother loves to sleep while eating lol. How great a mother can be aite.

UPDATE: The above post was in my draft since last week maybe? It should be published back then but I forgot. Pardon me. 

So lets just continue with my 'kuih raya project'. Since I'm at home on a study-break for few months, mum decided to put her trust in me for settling with this year kuih raya thingy. She just gonna buy few kerepeks and the rest I need to make some. 


It's baking twime!

I made six types of kuih raya by myself.


1. popia oreo
2. m&m cookies
3. crunchy chocholate chip nestum cookies
4. honey cornflakes
5. dark chocolate chip cookies
6. cornflakes drop cookies

So that's it. Come to my house to taste my handmade cookies cuz I made with love. Hahaha.
Will update about eid in another post.
Till then, Selamat Hari Raya!