Monday, 26 May 2014


Whaduuup people.

Midterm just ended around last week. And i dont think that i did it well enough. Just when la i need to realize that spm is just around the corner. I know spm is coming, but i didnt do anything about it. I havent well prepared. Anyone, please wake me up. In need of motivation so that i wont be able to waste even a second of my day.

Holiday week just started last tuesday. And we just finished our puncak jaya at upm for 3 days (tues, wed, thurs) and friday was at school for accounts and next monday 2nd june another class with tchr Jega for chemistry and im so done with extra classes during holidag.

But then......

I need to complete my assignment (acc) and my addmaths spm quest asap. But i think it's too late dah kot for me to hand in spm q. Sobs what a life. So many things need to be done and here i am doing nothing but keep on worrying on how to finish them.

Heres are some pics from the puncak jaya program ;

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sweet 17

Guess whos turning 17 today?! Yea you got it right! Me.

Happy 17th birthday, dear self. You're now 17 so please become more mature and act like a 17-years-old-adult-teen. Grow up, experience new things, make yourself and the people around you proud. Prove to those who said you can't that you can. Being depressed is like a nature for teens like you so just go with the flow. Enjoy your teenage life as many as you can. Last but not least, just be yourself. Don't have to be others even if you're good at pretending. Okay dear 17 yrs old me?

So here i am so grateful alhamdulillah i thank Allah for another year for me to breath. Thank you so much to my parents for taking care of me from the very beginning of my life till now, and forever insyaallah. Thank you to each and everyone of you for the wishes and prayers. I do really appreciate it. Thank you.

P/s : can finally get my license!! Wehoooooo

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Quick-post #4

Holla. It's the last day of April. Time flies really fast that i dont even know what have i done in the past 4 months. Midterm is just around the corner (no its not really around the corner its like--ah you know) and guess who does not finish with her revision? Yeap you know who. Haha. And i can still rolling on my bed scrolling my timeline taking selfies and typing this right now. Ok wait, it is already 0000. Happy 1st may! Happy labour day!
Okay bye.
(donno why i even post this but yeh wtvr)
#guesswhosbirthdayiscoming #huhu