Monday, 26 May 2014


Whaduuup people.

Midterm just ended around last week. And i dont think that i did it well enough. Just when la i need to realize that spm is just around the corner. I know spm is coming, but i didnt do anything about it. I havent well prepared. Anyone, please wake me up. In need of motivation so that i wont be able to waste even a second of my day.

Holiday week just started last tuesday. And we just finished our puncak jaya at upm for 3 days (tues, wed, thurs) and friday was at school for accounts and next monday 2nd june another class with tchr Jega for chemistry and im so done with extra classes during holidag.

But then......

I need to complete my assignment (acc) and my addmaths spm quest asap. But i think it's too late dah kot for me to hand in spm q. Sobs what a life. So many things need to be done and here i am doing nothing but keep on worrying on how to finish them.

Heres are some pics from the puncak jaya program ;

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