Saturday, 5 October 2013



Study in order to
get good grades
pass your exam with flying colors
get into a good university
study in overseas
make your parents proud
make your teachers proud
make your friends proud
make everyone around you proud
get good job with high salary
or maybe being a boss in your own company
make your dreams come true
travel around the world
get married
buy everything you want with your own money
(and the list go on and on)

"Ive studied all day long but I cant remember even a sentence" "How to memorize the whole things in da book?" "Ive studied but I cant answer my papers" "Can I have my teacher's brain during the exams week?" "I want to pass the exam with flying colors, but how?" "I need to pass it, I have to." 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Quick-post #3

Hi hey hello.

There's so much things on my mind that I would like to let it out. But I need the time where it's just me, my mind, my thoughts and ofc my blogger. As for now, I'm busy with my life. (i guess so) Final exam is just around the corner so I think this is not the right time for me to blog cause I would love to post a very long blog post. Haha who cares. 

For the time being, 
I hope the world gets better. I mean the people who's living in it. 

Thursday, 23 May 2013


After 3 weeks of struggling, midterm is finally over. Yes 3 freaking weeks maaaan. Midterm is over, holidays come. Just nice! But nah, im not that excited for this holiday, it is just the freedom from homeworks and books and studies and those tiring things that I want. I just want to rest and doing something fun or something that I really wanted to. Not doing something that im being forced to.

My midterm was............ Quite hard. I mean like h a r d. Form 3 and form 4 are waaaaaay tooooo different. I miss being a form 3 student. Bcs now, I am really tired. Tired of every
thing. Mentally & physically.

Ahh whatever it is, just enjoy your holiday guys. Take a very good care of yourself. Happy 2 weeks holidaysss!!

Loves xx
Nur Izz Hanani

Saturday, 4 May 2013


After a long time, hi. Havent post anything for quite a long time. Well, I am busy. Very busy. Form 4 life is waaaaay much tiring than last year. But still, I can managed my life. ((err i guess))

Guess who's turning sixteen on 3rd May 2013 which is yesterday? Guesssss who?! Ok fine.. It's me! Ahaks. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for giving me another year to live. I wish nothing but the best for me and ppl arnd me. I hope that I'll be more matured bcs nah I'm 16 yrs old already. Towards a good person, insyaAllah.

And I would like to thank each and everyone of you guys who wished me yesterday. Thank you so much for the lovely wishes & gifts. May Allah bless y'olls.

Loves xx
Nur Izz Hanani

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Emo part of me

Sometimes, I just hate everyone.

I dont know why but lately I got this one feeling where I cant put it into words. I feel like a stupid girl. I hate myself for being too weak. At times, I feel like I am feelingless. You know that feel when people treated you bad but you used to it and you was like ah-oh-ok-i-dont-care-anymore.

I personally think that people should try to appreciate the little things they got today. Sometimes, I feel like I'm an idiot yang sibuk kisah pasal orang even if they didnt care about me, my feelings at all. Well, I'm tired of take care about people's heart. Bcs actually my heart, my body, my feels are hurting. Sigh sigh sigh.

I dont know but somehow I feel left out. I just hate that feeling man. Being ignored by the person you love is seriously hurts. (especially with your friends)

One fine day, everyone will change. And of course we'll separated far from each other. But kalau dah jodoh tak kemana kan. So yeah if it was meant to be then it will. Just go with the flow. That is what I always said to myself. So that I wont be that hurt.

"Izz, kenapa kau asyik moody ni? U can always tell me anything." My guy friend once asked me. I usually didnt show my moody mood physically.Yea maybe la dua tiga kali tu ada jugak dekat sekolah. I'm the type of person that didnt talk when I'm not in the mood. I'll just shut up and do my own work. (at sch usually) and I will cry. Ahhh this. Sometimes, I dont know why how what where but I feel like I wanna cry. Always. Without any reason, but I just feel like I wanna cry.

People do not understand me. Even I, myself cant understand me. Haih. Ok dah enough babbling enough expressing enough is enough. It's 00:21 am and I should sleep now. Goodnight!

Loves xx
Nur Izz Hanani

Monday, 11 March 2013


Hi bloggies after a very long time no hi from me. Haha.

Well, I am too busy that I don't even have time to blog. Sigh. What a busy life I'm living in. I seriously don't know why and how I manage my time & life but somehow I feel so busy. You know busy? Like busy and busy and too busy with life.

And of course, I am tired. Instead, I somehow feel that I need a vacation for 3 least. So far, my form 4 year was very tough. Too many things to be done with too little time I had. See how busy I am. And the irony part is, I'm busy with school. Like yea I do my homework like all the time but........................... There's still undone homework. Weird enough.

So I just finished my March test last week and guess what? I will not shock if I get bad result because I know that I'm not putting all my effort and the papers were too hard. Hahahaha or maybe I am the only one said that the papers were hard? Hahahaha laugh at me people because I cant even score in this March test where only 2-3 chapters came out in the exam.

Everything is getting harder day by day. And me myself is getting lazier too. But I know that I need to have to throw away that lazy feeling because if not, my future will destroyed. I have to start from now. Like right now. But yeaaaa....... Words are just louder than my actions. Big sigh. Whatever it is, I have to start study and more focus in class from now on. Okay.
I'll update my blog if I feel like I want to & if time allows me.

Loves xx
Nur Izz Hanani

Friday, 18 January 2013


Hello peeps. So, I think this is my first post in 2013 huh? Yea, I have no time to sit and stare at the pc like I used to. Because? Bcs I am now in form 4. Form 4 means not a honeymoon year especially for science stream student like me. Need to struggle even more since I take pure science + account which is 10 subjects all together.
So far so good. Everything's went well. And I hope it will always be. To get straight A's is not easy measy. And to get straight A+ is not like a piece of cake. Dont ya ever think you'll achive that by laying on your bed & doing nothing. Do not. And to get my goal for my SPM, I need to start from now. Like really right now.
Bcs I want my 10A+!!!!

Loves xx