Monday, 11 March 2013


Hi bloggies after a very long time no hi from me. Haha.

Well, I am too busy that I don't even have time to blog. Sigh. What a busy life I'm living in. I seriously don't know why and how I manage my time & life but somehow I feel so busy. You know busy? Like busy and busy and too busy with life.

And of course, I am tired. Instead, I somehow feel that I need a vacation for 3 least. So far, my form 4 year was very tough. Too many things to be done with too little time I had. See how busy I am. And the irony part is, I'm busy with school. Like yea I do my homework like all the time but........................... There's still undone homework. Weird enough.

So I just finished my March test last week and guess what? I will not shock if I get bad result because I know that I'm not putting all my effort and the papers were too hard. Hahahaha or maybe I am the only one said that the papers were hard? Hahahaha laugh at me people because I cant even score in this March test where only 2-3 chapters came out in the exam.

Everything is getting harder day by day. And me myself is getting lazier too. But I know that I need to have to throw away that lazy feeling because if not, my future will destroyed. I have to start from now. Like right now. But yeaaaa....... Words are just louder than my actions. Big sigh. Whatever it is, I have to start study and more focus in class from now on. Okay.
I'll update my blog if I feel like I want to & if time allows me.

Loves xx
Nur Izz Hanani

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