Tuesday, 16 October 2012

After all, it's over.

Say whaaaaaaaaat people?!

Finally huh? Yes, it's over. No more form 1, 2 and 3 books. No more. I'm hoping that I did well in my exam. Yes, PMR is over but I don't really get my freedom until the result is out. Keep thinking about my result. And I hope that 8As will be mine and all 97's too. Amin. For me, my freedom is after I got my result. 

"pmr is over! lets partaaaaaaay!"
"wooohoooo lets shopping ppl!"
 "jom hang out here there blablabla"
"nak tengok movie apa weh esok? jom lepak klcc jom mid ke sunway ke"

Normal teens did that after pmr. But not me. Hahaha. My life after the exam is hm kinda boring huh. I have no idea what to do. Sitting infront of the computer reblogging like a boss, scrolling the timeline yeah thats me. Hmm still don't have any plans yet. But I'll plan something productive for myself, soon. For now, lets enjoy eating maggi! Muahahaha. 

Till here, will update about my what-to-do-after-pmr-list soon. Stay tuned! xx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

The war begins..


You guess what people?!?! I'll be sitting for PMR examination next week. To be exact, next Tuesday on 9th October 2012. You get it?! Cant't believe huh? So am I. Like seriously, P M R. Sounds creepy. Afraid, nervous, excited, yes I am. I want my straight A's. Who doesn't? Straight A's without studying is damn impossible. So I need to study, study, study, study........studying and stuDYING.

The purpose of posting this entry is to ask for your forgiveness and your kindness to pray for my success in PMR, dear people. Firstly, I would like to apologize if I ever hurts each one of you. If I ever offended you accidentally or not. If I ever talk bad behind you and all my sins towards you, I am truly sorry. Please forgive me, everyone. Pray for me so that I can get my 8As and make everyone proud.

This will be my last post till PMR is over. The exact date is on 9th Oct 2012 (Tuesday) till 16th Oct 2012 (Tuesday) *this is for arab, tamil, chinese and other language paper* So my final paper will be on 15 Oct 2012 (Monday) and then I'll get my freedom back. Oyeaaaah. Good luck for those 97's babies. May you guys pass with flying colours. InsyaAllah, straight A's will be ours. Amin. Do your best, make everyone proud especially your parents, teachers & all the beloved ones. So, break your leg! 97s rock!!!!!

Till here, wish me luck and pray for me. Adios amigos! xx