Friday, 25 December 2015

5 things to be appreciated

1. Appreciating love.
Love comes in many ways from different person. Appreciate someone who loves you and someone you loves, before it's too late. Show and prove. There were time we forgot the eternity love- love from and towards God.

2. Appreciate one's effort.
You never know the struggles a person had been through to get things done. Even if things doesn't turned out the way you want it to be, appreciate those small efforts. The effort is what that matters the most. 

3. Appreciate one's time.
Here's to the people that actually make time to hear my rants, my nonsense complaints and my illogical thoughts. Even in the midst of busy-ness, somehow you people still concern about me. Thank you for being there I owe you people a lots!

4. Appreciate the things you have in life.
Sometimes, we tend to be ungrateful because we're looking and longing for something we don't have. I never know the meaning of being grateful until I see the less unfortunate. If life hits you hard, bear in mind that there might be someone else out there whom life hits them harder.

5. Appreciate yourself.
Last but not least, this is the most important thing to be appreciated. Yourself. Be true to yourself. It's okay to feel insecure a bit, but not too much that you tend to hurt yourself. Remember that you're unique in your own way and you're one in a whole world. There's no another you in this world, so be proud of yourself!