Monday, 9 July 2018

Finding the light back

I seems to lose myself, lately.

I felt lost and empty but I don't know why

I cried and felt sad for no reason

I've been drowning in my own feelings, this is suffocating- really.

A lot of things happened- some has awaken me from my dreams, some hits me real hard in the reality. Growing up is hard. I mean, like being at this age; 21 is hard.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Uh-urm hello 2018?



Missing me? No? 

Well yeasssss i miss my bloggies so much.
*rasa macam nak peluk laptop*

still remember me aite?

It's been so long since my last write.
I know i know, yes i owe a lot of blog posts, even my monthly wrap up also urm gone because time??? hello? where you at?
Hahahaha i just missed updating my life here but what to do- I'm as busy as the prime minister yknow... Err

I don't even finish up my semester 2 post and now here i am...on my semester 3 sem-break.

Okay, I'm gonna finish writing em all before i enter another new sem. 
I promise.... ok no, i'll try okay! 👌

Anyway, I'm here just to stop by and wishing everyone a very 
Happy New Year 2018!
May this year gonna bring more of happiness and prosperity to yalls.

Gonna update soon! xx