Friday, 31 March 2017

Sums up of March 2k17

1. I got back to UiTM on the 5th, registered for college since lectures started on the 6th. As usual my stuff was like someone who's not going back home for 3 years. Lol but thank god my brother was also on his mid-sem break so I got an extra hand there to carry my freaking heavy luggage to my room on the third level.

2. After 41 days, I finally discussed about it with someone. And after 43 days, I finally received that notification but then it stopped there-

3. The first week usually would be kinda a relaxing week because some lecturers won't be entering the class. But in my case, it was totally different as the first week had been so hectic and exhausting with all the meetings. 

4. There was a sudden event on week 2 saturday, "Ready For Success" (R4S). We were informed about the program like 2 days before the happening day but thank god it went well. 

big applause to my team! 👏

5. We celebrated Ariessa's 20th birthday in her room. Had pizza and a lot of joys together. We talked and gossip-ed about things. Oh well, the girls thing...

6. On the 24th, we had Majlis Surat Perlantikan Ahli Jawatankuasa. Basically it was all about the appointment of FSG's leadership. 


7. Undeniably, March had been such a worst month for me this year. Gone through worse breakout, also heartbreak. I was so stressed out and tired. Tired of everything. Nuff said. Just that, I'm truly grateful for the existing of some people who was there with me during my downs.

8. We (+ain bobby sheda) finally had a group skype call after soooooo long of planning! Hahahaha yes, it was our very first time doing a skype call. Lewls. We had a talk until almost 2am and I even got down to level 1 for the sake of a good wifi connection. Phew~

9. I went back home finally on week 3. And Poksu, Cikde, Makjue & Ebby sent me back to college but before that we went to Damansara to have some good foods. Hehe.

blessed <3

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Half a heart

After all, you were right.

What you were once thought, had finally came to hit your reality.

It was hard, but you gotta pretend that it wasn't. 
You doesn't want to look weak though you are.

It was hurt, but you gotta pretend to look fine.
You smiled, though your heart was being stabbed by thousands of knives.
You laughed, though deep inside you were shedding tears.
You made jokes, though your mind were just about to explode out of anger. 

"are you okay?"
- was the hardest question ever. 

Words after words.
Promises after promises.
Lies after lies.

Trust been broken. 
Aches been taking over. 


It kills everything.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

#RoadToDegree Part 2 : Semester 1

Hola voila! 

So I officially ended my first semester on 20/1/2016. Five more semesters to go before I can legally be a degree holder, insyaAllah. (pls doakan tak extend) (long way to go but-)


Basically how to sum up my semester 1.

Ok wait, where to start huh 🤔

Okay la, first let's start with roommates since I've been living my whole semester with them. My room (1B-03-26), consists of 4 pax at first until one of my roommates, Kak Samihah checked out from the room. Ceh. She went for SPA (urm i tak ingat it stands for what, malas nak google) in nursing at Perak if I'm not mistaken. So there were only the three of us; Farhana, Ida & I in the room till the end.

I talked about my room in the Part 1 post. Check it out there! (I'll put the link at the end of this post)

Moving on to the classmates. Okay basically my course (AS229 - Environmental Technology), got few classes A, B, C, and urm am not sure how many of them. But one thing for sure is that, mine was AS229 1A which consists of students from foundation/matriculation & a few from diploma.

This class photo shoot was during the second or third week after class started I guess. (awal gila kan!)
This time, honestly I didn't even recognize them as my classmates. Well in fact, after a few months also, I don't even know some of their name especially those who's very quiet and shy.

Among the first whom I be friend with.
Ida, Hazirah and Naza. 

For this semester, I took 7 subjects in total with a sum of 20 credit hours.

1. BIO510- Ecology

Back then during my matrix life, Ecology was one of the chapters in Biology. But now it literally became a subject itself. So please imagine how the struggle was. We learned about animal species, plant species and their habitats. (Ecology itself is defined as the study of living organism with the environment) Gosh I dislike memorizing the species scientific name!

And also.....please imagine how sleepy I was during the 3 hours of lecture EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. EVENING. 2pm-5pm. Oh no, I think I should've capslock the 3 HOURS hahaha. I'm sorry madam that I always to seem focus when the fact is that my mind wasn't concentrating and cannot brain during your lectures.

Oh ya, we had our very first field trip regarding this course. Believe me I had the draft of the trip already but then I kept on procrastinate and...........there goes nothing. I dah malas nak edit and it doesn't seems to be fun anymore as days passed. So yeah I didn't publish it huhu.

But worry not, here are some of the pictures during the field trip.

It was held at Batu Gajah, Perak for 3 days 2 nights.

ni my group for the task there
Syazwani, Naza, Ida, Zawani and I.

it was raining so we had to put on our rain coat
hehe cute en :3


2. CHM420- General Chemistry

I should've scored this. Everything was just the same like Chemistry in matriculation except for the fact that I learned it in a more wider range in uni.

If and only if I didn't forget all those things I learned in matrix.
If and only if I put in extra effort and studied more despite my busy-ness.
If and only if I really focus in class and did more exercises.

Tbh, chemistry is one of my fav subject since then.

Nah, you can't turn back time, girl.

one of those days where we finished our lab early

3. MIC455- General Microbiology

"apa la yang u all buat dekat sini study pasal bateria kenapa tak study economy ke..blabla"
once said by Mr. O

Thank god I'll never need to take this subject for the other semester. Blergh. I don't know how to describe it, it was fun learning about all the microorganisms/bacterias/virusses and stuff but there's a tiny line between us that hinder me from being attached to microbe.

that one apparatus describes what microbiology is; microscope
(looke at meh, so focus gituwww)

 dah observed, haruslah capture!
urm yknow....lab...reports..

4. EVT427- Environmental Science

I looooooove evt's lecturer, Madam Nesa. She's so nice so soft-hearted like that. (despite that her teaching skill urm not so urm you know) This is just the basic and the sums up of what my course is all about. The details will be learn in the rest of the semester. It's all about the environment people wake up and aware of your environment please.

5. CTU551- Islam and Asian Civilization 

Or also known as the reading subject. Phew there were so many things to read you know. All those tamadun tamadun stuff..... I dislike. Hahaha. 

6. ELC590- English for Oral Presentations

Speaking, writing and reading. Been loving English since school and even now. (sorry la tak power cam omputeh) For this sem, we took for speaking. All we did were presentations and speeches. And loving the fact that I scored for my informative and persuasive speech. Wehoo.

7. HBU111- National Kesatria 1

Ok last but not least, co-curricular. I needed to take and pass co-cu for 3 freaking semesters okay! This is the only choice I had back then, because hm  PALAPES, ROTU, NAVY, SUKSIS and all those so called badan-beruniform are so not me. 

Kawad, obviously that was the only thing in kesatria. 

Okay la, well at least we learned about the survival in the jungle also so we had a day for cooking.

and guess what my group decided to cook?

 yes, maggi & sandwich!
(nampak sangat pemalas hahahaha)

AS2, last day of co-cu.
Look at Cikgu Mat Faizal so cute in the middle 

So that's all about the subjects.

Now moving on to what I've been participating and doing besides studying throughout the first semester.
I joined martial art, Silat Cekak. Hahahah I know this is so weird but why not? Sadly I got so busy in the middle of the semester so I back-off because I can't fully give my commitments in attending the practice though it was only on Tuesday & Wednesday night 8.15-10.15pm. However, I got to learn a lot in a short period and insyaAllah I'll continue it later. Oh and, I managed to join two of the society's program, GETS3.0 and also went to Hari Sukan Negara at PALAM for a demonstration. Read on about GETS3.0 here. 

Also I love to join those kind of charity fun run whatsoever but why the fees gotta be so expensive huh? I mean ya, as a student kan I'm always broke lol. Another reason why I didn't join even though I wanted to is because my friends here are very not so supportive for this kind of events. But I did once joined for the Zombie Run Attack with my KMS classmate!

Meet Wansyu!

Oh ya, almost forgot about my victory. Ceh poyo je lebih. Earlier of the semester there were HSWJ (Hello Senior, Welcome Junior) program which something like a tour around the faculty for us the newbies. We were divided into groups for the explorace and guess whose group won for the second place?! 😏

my team, of course!
(i look like a friggin egg)
(thats why i tak suka pegang camera when selfie ugh) 

I also joined the FSG marching team for Sukan Antara Fakulti (SAF) 2016 and fortunately, we won the third place despite a very intense condition before the competition were held. 

One of my turning points in this semester was that I've been assigned as Exco Sukan dan Rekreasi for Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti (SMF) session 16/17. 

Okay, here's how it all began. One day I was walking with Naza and passed by the SMF room and saw the application form to be a secretariat. I was like "Naza, jom apply saja saja mana la tahu dapat ke" "Haa okay jom, boleh gak since aku pun takde join apa apa lagi" said Naza. 

So we both applied. We both were called for the interview. We both attended the interview. But I was the only whom passed the interview. Naza didn't because she literally being tah pape katanya hahaha.

As for me, my partner during the interview was Furqaan. We were interviewed by Kak Kina, Abang (?) Shahiman Manja and another one Kakak ni but I forgot who. I cam biasa je la I answered all their questions and so on and they kept on saying "ok guys relax la kita lek lek santai je k" Hahahaha maybe we looked nervous I guess. 

So after passed the interview, those who passed we were called as 'Calon SMF' and we were needed to join KPO, Kursus Pengurusan Organisasi 2016. I had a draft about the journey there but I procrastinated and sadly my phone was acting up back then so I lost em all the pictures during KPO. How sad. But worry not, you guys can see the whole thing on FSG's facebook. Click here

On the 22nd December 2016, I was officially assigned as a secretariat. Oh I forgot something, mesti people be like izz exco sukan???!? Hahaha. Truth was that, I actually applied for Exco Keusahawanan and Exco Multimedia & Publisiti. But end up, I got Exco Sukan & Rekreasi. Don't ask I myself do not know how the process of choosing be like. So I take this asa new challenge for myself, getting involved in this leadership thingy. 

Here's photos during the Majlis Watikah Perlantikan SMF 2016/2017.

Exco Sukan & Rekreasi 16/17 ft. 15/16

SMF 15/16

SMF 16/17

The first event we had to handle before we were officially being a secretariat was Malam Pra-Graduan 2016, MPG. This was the event for final semester students. 

Towards the end of the semester, every courses were so busy held a dinner including mine of course. So I attended ETES dinner to support them.

Haih so sad la I banyak hilang those nice pictures because my phone gila!!
ugh stress.

What else?

I guess that's all what I've been doing in semester 1. Might be some other things that I overlooked but I think these are all the biggest impact during semester 1. 

Know what? That's why I love to write about something I wanted to remember for the entire life, because human being is undeniably, forgetful. (Eg: me.) 

Okay la I should end this post here its getting bored now.