Monday, 16 June 2014

Wide awake

It's 4.07am right now (according to my phone) and I am still awake? Ya right I'm still awake at this hour and I actually shouldn't. I just ate my biscuit with a cup of milo. Great huh.

No I'm not staying up late to watch any football match.

No I'm not staying up late to chat/skype/having a deep heart-to-heart talk with anyone.

No I'm also not staying up late to study or reading any page-turner novel.

No no no.

I am here staying up late just to complete my account's assignment that have been given to me since April 3rd (i guess?) and now, today, is already 16th of June. And you can actually imagine how long it was. But yeah, you know... Ok no I'm not lazy (ow rlly?) I was just too busy (ow rlly?) to finish it earlier.

And you guess whaaaaat. School actually starts in 3 hours time. Amagad is this for real like seriously I don't even get to sleep and I need to get ready for school. Okay I actually still got +-2 hours to take a nap. A really short nap. Just hoping that I'll not look like a freakin dead zombie tmrw. And ya, prayin that my midterm result will be just fine. Just fine..

Till then. Night. 427am.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Malacca part I

So basically, I just got back from Malacca last night. Went there for Ummy's wedding reception on behalf the groom. On behalf the bride was on 24th May at Bangi and sadly, I got my Hari Koko on that day. But then it's okay because right after the event ended, I went to the feast. To eat. Hahahaha no that was only one of the reasons. Oh and guess what I don't even showered after my hari koko. You can actually imagine how stink I was!

yes, im wearing my tshirt koko

My mom's siblings

7th June 2014

Woke up early in the morning packed my bag showered and went to fasa 1 to pick up poksu, cikde and cik eila. Poksu was the one whos driving since my dad didn't follow us as he got something to do. Left Bangi at 10am and as we entered tol bangi, there were terrible jam. We can actually reached there for about 1 hour but because of the jam, we finally arrived at 2pm. Like seriously man it was horrible. Then we went to Mahkota Parade & Dataran Pahlawan for lunch. After eating and whatnot the time has come. What time is it? Yes, shopping twaaaaime! SALE SALE SALE SALE you know how does it feels when you see these signs ohmygod I just can't... I literally died. (ceh, over) But yeah how can you control your lust when there's sale everywhere. Told my mum I wanted this and that and this and that and she said, "ha tulah ibu suruh belajar pandai pandai nanti dapat kerja bagus gaji besar ha belilah apa nak beli pun". And ahhhhh yes, we didn't stop by the new H&M because time was too jealous of us. Ngahaha so sad.

That is somehow motivate me to study. Because I need money. I want money. And to get money is to get a good job with big salary, to get a good job first baby step is I need to pass my SPM and further my studies.

Okay then we went to A'Famosa the historical building and took a lot of photos. And I was thinking of doing my wedding photoshoot there. HAHAHAHAHAH please laugh now. It was quite tiring to climb till the top of the building but we had fun tho.

Family potrait
(too bad ayah was not here)

Too many photos and my fat lazy ass is too lazy to transfer everything. So, yeaaa. After an hour here, went back to MP and wandered and window shopping and left at 7.30pm. We're supposed to reached Toksu's house in just a few minutes since it was just a stone throw away from the town, but we actually arrived at 11.40+. You know how stressed it was during the journey?! My my, jam in Malacca is the worst I must say. Jam in KL is way much better. Headache and stomachache attacked me as we didn't had our dinner yet and was stuck for 4 hours. 4 dam hours in the jam just to get out of the town. How crazy! Reached Toksu's and we all ate the chicken rice like a mad person. Then I washed up and cleaned myself and slept because too tired stuck in the jam. Ngeh.

8th June 2014

Today is the day. Woke up early and getting ready to send Ummy to the groom's house. The food was too delicious especially the asam pedas! You know, Malacca... and asam pedas... I actually ate two plates of rice because it will be such a waste as I seldomly get to eat Malacca's asam pedas. (ceh nak cover) (konon)

Gorgeous Ummy in da houz!

After eat eat selfie eat gossip eat selfie eat and eat, went back to Toksu's and took a rest for awhile before heading back to Bangi. 

Gedik poses. Hahaha.

Congratulations Ummy!
 May Allah bless your marriage and lasts till jannah.

Friday, 6 June 2014

I don't know

My "I don't know" means ; -
I actually know but i just couldn't find any suitable words to use.
I am not in the mood to entertain people.
I am having that feeling which i myself don't even know how to describe it.
I am pissed off/annoyed/mad.
I already know something that you do not want me to.
It's up to you to make a decision bcs i really don't know (haha)
Last but not least, I really am don't know.

Ammar , 2014.

This slaps me right on my face. I was kind of speechless the moment he said this. Then I asked myself, till when? I am seventeen and i can't even make a decision for myself. I will always depends on others. But then, until when? Sometimes, it is not that i don't know, i know but i can't express it and i don't even know why i can't. Maybe i was too afraid to tell because i hate rejections. And i simply hate it when people don't agree with what i've said. I wanted my idea, my decision, my answer, to be accepted (even if i know i was wrong) by people without hurting anyone. Therefore, i will just say that i don't know. 

Me, everytime.