Saturday, 26 February 2011


Hello readers (: Yes I'm Ayam Girl here. Oh god, I don't know why, this few days I love to eat chicken. Hahaha I know it's weird right? Chicken? Whatthehell with chicken? Hah its up to you what you guys gonna think about me but the fact is I AM AYAM GIRL world. Shit, stop talking nonsense lahh. 

So everybody, let's treat me a big chicken chicken chicken. Bhahaha its okay, I'll ask my mom to cook chicken special for me ONLY. 

Okay guys, I'm fucking bored yknow. Hell yeah. So till here, and stay tuned!

Ayam Girl ♥
- izz

Friday, 25 February 2011

Goodbye junior :)

Nur Hidayah :)

Hey guys. Kay nothing to do and yeah this is Nur Hidayah which is one of my cute junior. She'll move on to MRSM Terendak, Melaka if I'm not mistaken. And yes, she's form1 and also Bobby's neighbour. I've chance for only maybe 2 or 3 days to know her. But pity yeah, she have to move to other school.

Firstly talk to her when the Police Cadet gathering on Wednesday. She start the conversation first. And since that, I know her. But it's sad to hear you're going to move. 

Just a piece of message from me, good luck and study smart there. And yeah, nice to know you, even just for a few moment. Take care.

♥ izz :)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Larian Amal '11 :)

Hoy hoy there :)

K firstly, my leg ohmaigodd. Sakit gila siottt. Cehh padahal bukannye lari sangat pun, sakit je lebih. Haha :D Seriously, it's effing tire out yknow. Damnit. We ran about 6km something lah and I'm really exhausted k. As usual, I'm with my friends not really ran actually. We just jog a bit and the rest was walking all the way. And here some pictures we took.

This is before we start running ;

Time dengar taklimat .

yeah we're ready :D

And this while we were running ;

run baby run

whattaa -,- muka cacat habis .

Oh and yeah finally we reached at school ;

muka baru habis lari :)

Look up there, makan macam apa haaa. Nampak sangat macam tak makan setahun doo. Yelah, penat gila kott lari. Air 1 kotak, 1 tin, 2 botol habis tauu. *kecoh haha :P

Then while we waiting for the teacher called up, we lepak lepak dekat kantin dulu. Then ada pulak lah orang gila mental cacat ape bagai ejek ejek aku. It was Amir and his friends.
'ape? biak?'
'weh biak tak datang la weh'
'ha nak kirim salam dkt biak?'
'kalau biak datang, confirm dia menang first doh'

Shit asdfghjkl huh. CRAZY. I just don't know what they wanted from me. Masing-masing otak dah terbalik kott. Suka sangat nak kacau orang, tkde kerja lain ke wehh?
And I just being cool and relax and calm down with those teasing. But in my heart like asdfghjklxcvb. Tapi takpe, watlek sudah enn. Plus malas nak cari pasal dengan diorang.

Till here, I'm very sleepy right now. Goodnight and take care.
- izz 

Friday, 18 February 2011

Oh yeah :B

Hello readers :) I've lot hot story that I wanna share it with you guys. But yeah I've no time right now. So maybe later kay. How are you guys? I'm just O K. haha :D well yeah, 2 Inovatif not really bad. And it's just about 2 month we're schooling and hell yeah there's a lot of cool + hot + embrassing things happens. But I'm just COOOOOOOL. Lek lek sudahh. Even the boys in 2 Ino like shit sometimes but yeah they kinda funny actually. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL yeah.

K know what? There's a lot things I wanna say here, but I don't know what. -,- Gila kan? I know babeyh. Damn Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Jalan Empat got that SEKOLAH BERPRESTASI TINGGI (SBT) awards. Actually its cool right? My school okay. BANGGA okay -.-' Its seem that we have to study more and doing that doing this to make sure our school perfect. Oh man =.=

Okay last Thursday we've just finished sesi pengenalan trek for larian amal this Saturday and it's really tired yknow. My leg broken already. Ni baru latihan je yang real punya belum lagi oh tidakkkk gila tak larat wehh! SERIOUSLY. I don't know what will happen tomorrow. My leg broken again? I'm dying after that running? Oh god pleaseee.

Tam-Tam and Hitam, the crazy people ever. They just beeing crazy and crazy. Yknow, it is C R A Z Y . Yeah crazy lahh tak paham bahasa ke? Okok lekk. Malas cerita panjang about this kang nanti dia baca mati aku. Hm, diaorang baca? Hell no. In your dream pun takkan dapat tau tak? So stop dreaming about they gonna read this. Even they not reading this, I'm not gonna tell what is the full story and what actually happen etc. NO.

Kay, I really need to go right now. I've to sleep 'cause tomorrow I've to attend the school for the Larian Amal. Yeah wish me luck k. Bukan untuk dapat number 1 but untuk dapat berjaya habiskan larian. Nak dapat number 1 dalam larian amal tu? Whatthee -.- HARAPAN la doo.

till here, cheers :D
- izz

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Can you please , ... ahh -.-

Ahh people. CRAZY! Oh before that, hello readers :] I hate it and I just hate it. Danggg -,- Okay here a crazy people which is my classmate too and I'll prefer to call him MIMI. K, what now? eugh. 

Yesterday was Amni's birthday and she gave all of us a lollipop. And I took the green one 'cause I knew it's apple flavour and I love the sour tastes. Amni also gave to the boys and know what? Ahhhhhhhhhhh damn! Mimi also took the green one. And I was like, what the hell -.-' apahal kau ambik colour tu jugak? Gosh, dahla tali kau sama colour dengan aku, then lollipop pulak? -_________________-'

I HATE IT! I ask Moon a question and he's the one who's answering me. Tak ke BODOH tu? Tanya orang lain, orang lain pulak yang jawab. And the question sound something like this ;

Teacher : hari selasa ni kan cuti .. blabla *tak ingat
Me : weh moon, cuti kenapa hah?
Moon : aaa
Him : (turned back) Maulidur Rasul laa.

I just like errrr OKAY. Moon doesn't have a chance to answer me 'cause that crazy guy answer me first. Uh, he's such a busybody yknow. And then Moon laughing at me like crazy. huh ._.

H E Y !

Oh hey there people :] Long time no see ahh. Yah well, busy with school and stuff. With the homeworks, presentations, groupwork thingy and all make me had no time to blogging. So weekends is the time for me to updating this blog of mine.

So how are you guys? Doing well? Uhh me hah? I'm fine and yeah my life is just like usual. As a student, my duty is STUDY. Not more not less.

Okay now, I've no idea what to talk about 'cause I'm really sleepy. Tired back from Kenduri just now. And I feel like wanna have a sleep for a while. With the whether out there, rainy ahhh how good if I can sleep right now. Zzzzz opss, finish blogging first. Okay then, till here stay tuned!

ZzzzzZz ,

Sunday, 6 February 2011

School ?

Hey guys :) Well as you all know, tomorrow is a school day. And I'll do my routine as usual. No more internet during school times :( Pity huh ? Yaa whatever it is, I must do what one is told too. No protest. Uhh, it's okay. I can still blogging on weekends. No worries peeps.

Oh yeahh, school's coming means friends and the gossip are also coming. Can't wait haa. Yes, I am sooooooooo excited to go to school tomorrow 'cause I've loads stories to share with my gossip partner. So that, I can't wait for tomorrow. Even some people are not happy with school 'cause of the homeworks and thingy, but I'm not the one. I am really happy to go to school. Yeah excited lebih-lebih ni apesal doo ?

Okay, school starts means I have no more time to spend out with Blogger, Facebook, etc. I can only acsess the internet on the weekends start from Friday night till Sunday. ONLY. So means I can't update my blog till the Friday night.

Welcome back to school people! And wait for the latest update on Friday night. See ya guys. Till here and toodles stay tuned!

muahs ♥
izz (:

Saturday, 5 February 2011

I Just Hate You The Way You Are !


O, hey people :] Know what ? I HATE YOU DUMBASS. Oh not you readers, it is for that SPECIAL PERSON. Yahh, I don't know if you're read this or not. But if you're reading this post, I'm sorry lahh ye :) 'cause you're the reason I post this. Yes, it's YOU! Well, yes what the hell is your problem not satisfied with me ?

Aku cakap tu kau cakap tu, aku cakap ni kau cakap ni. Hoii, tkde modal ke derr ? Eugh. Why must you copy what I'm writing about, what I'm talking about, whom I befriend to. Why ? Don't you have your own life ? Ofcourse you have your own wonderful life. Am I right ? So live your life lah babe. Jangan kacau life orang lain.

Just do it by yourself lah, there's no need to copy others. You have your brilliant brain so use it. Don't put your brain at your knee. Okay ?

I know you've change your url blog 'cause you don't want me to stalk your blog again and again. Right ? But whatever it is, I DON'T MIND! It's up to you. It's your right to change it not mine. So yeah, I don't care lahh. Takdenye aku desperate gila nak cari apa url baru kau.

So please, get a life lahh. :)

- izz x)

Friday, 4 February 2011

It's Disgusting !

Okay, after watched this video, I think it's really AWESOME yknow. Good job Anwar Hadi. All his video was so amazing. I love it. Okaay, about this video yeah I really really support it. Many people nowadays using that's 'Bahasa Rempit' a.k.a 'Bahasa Wempitzz'. It's just the same actually.The spelling only make it different. Hahah :D 

I totally agree with him when he said 'lu malukan bahasa wa' Oh yahh totally agree. Why don't you type properly? Its sucks yknow when there's a people type like that. You make me feel difficulty to understand what actually you wanna to tell me. And plus with the mixed small letter with the big one. Uhh shit. O, like what Anwar Hadi said, maybe there's a letter that missing on your keyboard hah. So that you can't type it properly. MAYBE. But please, kita orang melayu guna bahasa malaysia taip tu biar elok sikit derr. Ni tak, nak taip macam ni ha, 'eYp, mEteTzZ nUck???....' Oh demmit. What is that ? Can't you just type, 'Hye, msg nak?' Kan senang nak fhm tuu. Kalau nak guna shortform tu, gunalah yg biasa biasa sahaja. Yang mudah difahami oleh semua orang. haihh -,- and one more, why must you add 'W' at the end of the words. 'titEw adew satUw jEw leW...' No need to add the W lah peeps. 

I'm okay if people wanna use this wEmPitzZ languages. But don't be so OVER lahh. It's hard to figure out what actually the meaning. And it's sucks to look. Ni tak sometimes tiba tiba ade orang text or IM me cakap 'aiip awaksz na kenalan bulew? namew awkz apeww?? umow? tggl kat manew?'. In my mind, 'what's wrong with this guy?' So please people out there, write properly. Don't ruin up our language.

P/S : You should watch Anwar Hadi's video on youtube. Its awesome. Just search IniAnwarHadi.
toodles stay tuned! 
- izz

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

农历新年快乐 :)

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

Especially for my chinese friends. Have a great holiday yaww :]

with love ,
izz :D

School Holidays ?

Uhh bored day hahh. School holidays, stayed home and do such nonsense things. SUMPAH GILA BOSAN TAU TAK ? Okay, cuti ni tak pergi memana punn. Just do my daily routine, online-ing! -.-' teettt bosan jugak sebenarnya kalau hari hari mengadap internet ni haa sampai dah tktahu nk buat apa. Online bosan, tak online pun bosan. haihh ape nk jadi laa.

Actually, I have loads of homework on this holidays. And yeah, I've done about half of it. I don't know why, but this year I LOVE HOMEWORKS! Unbelievable right ? yeah I know. But this year I work hard to score in my examination test. I want that straight A's in my hand and make my parents proud of me. So that, I RAJIN GILA YKNOW! hahaha maybe ada setengah orang tak percaya, tapi itulah hakikatnya.

Nur Izz Hanani sekarang sudah RAJIN woooo xD
*okay over sangat nihh.

HAHAHAHA :P jangan nak perasan sangatlah makcik. Okay, tapi seriously tak tahu kenapa, rasa suka gila nak buat homeworks. Yelah, dengan kerja sekolah yang bertimbun-timbun tu laa yg akan membawa kejayaan. Betul tak ? Even it's hard to work it, but I'll try my best. Yeay! Double thumbs up for me. Cehh. Hopefully this diligently attitude will continuous. I hope so.

till here, stay tuned people !
- izz

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

February ♥

Hello my beloved readers :)

Yeahh, long time not update this blog. Well actually I just have no idea what to post about. Pity yeah :( hahah Its okay, nanti kalau idea datang mencurah curah, blog ini akan di-update kayy.

Today, 1st February people. Lets begin the new month with better life. I hope so. Biarlah yang lepas tu jadi teladan buat kita semua ye. Hopefully, bulan baru ni takde pape problem. Nak yg best je okay! But I know tak semua yg best je boleh jadi seperti yg kita harapkan kann ? Mesti ada yg bad punyalah. Cuma berdoa je supaya tkde yg bad things. I hope this month is better than last month.

Happy New Month guys ♥

xoxo ,