Sunday, 22 May 2016

KMS Semester 2

*drums roll*
Guess who's back?!

*this post had been in my draft for too long*
*this gonna be a freaking long post with pictures*

April 26th, 2016, Tuesday 15:30 - I officially ended my matriculation program, my life as a matrix student. Congrats dear self, you survived! 

It has been like +-three weeks since that day. Missing my busy matrix life? Nah, of course I miss those people that made my matriculation life even brighter. To tell everything that happened in sem 2 are slightly impossible. Too many things happened, too many memories and moments created. 

Sem 2 was fun! Been participating more in this sem and there were lots of events too. Academic, not to even mention it of course it was tougher- I did my best tho. 

Okay lets just share those memories back with picturessss! 

We had our first roommates-bonding-time outside of KMS but still in Banting- Pekan Banting. Which so called our first outing since we're in KMS. 

How cheeky everyone was!
Me, Suraya, Nurin, Farah

Went to the town simply because that was the only place which we can hangout for in Banting. (no not really there were beaches etc but- nah) Went there by taxi which only cost 12MYR one way that made each one of us paid only 6MYR for transportation. So we did the things we should. Oh and, we went to secret recipe to celebrate Nurin's belated birthday. 

Not to mention that I shop a lot even it was only in The Store. (but i managed to control my shopping desire otherwise, man i'll be broke then.)

There was time when I was busy completing my work(sssss) and suddenly, a whatsapp from Aida Maisarah popped out "babe jom outing" and I was like "ok jom is it only the two of us?" Hahaha well actually I was quite hesitating whether should I go or should I not because of that darn pile of works. But rather than stressing out myself with those work why not you just go and take some fresh air, told myself. 

.....and there you go. We went out; just the two of us.

I also once went outing with Aifaa and her mom with Fatin. It was just those days where we felt like going out without thinking about the unfinished homework. Haha.

(R-L) Aifaa, Aifaa's madre, Fatin, me

we looked cute with that flower crown on top aren't we?

Since the last sem we did not have any co-curricular classes, we have it during this sem. Mine was during Tuesday- sports & games. We got to choose which sports/games we wanted and since the seven of us, my gossip-girls can't be separated, we willingly to choose Petanque as our sport for co-curricular class. Truth be told, I've never ever heard about this sport before. So I was kinda excited.......until I actually know how was it played. Sigh. However the class was fun with Sir Awang and those fellas. 

This is my mates for co-curricular class.
(+2 more girls)
Location: petanque field

Just in case if you're wondering what Petanque is

Aifaa, me, Fatin and Sir Awang
this was when we had petanque competition and we won the 1st place!

Besides playing petanque itself, we did other activities too during co-cu class such as flying fox, orienteering and cooking.

Waiting for our turn to do the flying fox.
Me, Yasmin, Fatin, Raihan, Hamidah, Azrin, Yani

I wasn't scared since it was my second time doing flying fox (the first was during plkn), plus the fact that it wasn't that high so yeah.

This is me,
hoping to not hit the jungle in front

I did not hit the jungle, safely landed.
Peace no war :')

Moving on to the day where we were all needed to make Kuih Puteri Berendam which I didn't know what kuih was that till one of them said it was just similar to onde-onde/buah melaka so I was like ooookay.

Future isteri mithali.

and now i hesitate the name of this kuih.
is it puteri berendam or puteri mandi?
idk but puteri berendam sounds better.

Since we live in a multi-racial country, we're all 1 Malaysia and we celebrate the celebration of each races together! There was a month where the Malam Melayu Sejati, Chinese New Year Festival and Indian Cultural Night events were held. And I'm proudly to say that I joined them all! Some chose to be in their dorm instead of participating. Some thought it will just be another tedious event at the freaking hot hall, Dewan Antares. Truth be told, I once thought of that too but then why choose to be negative when there's way for you to think the positive side? This is experience man. Once in a lifetime experience you will get in matriculation. After this, there's no matriculation anymore. So why not?

Event: Malam Melayu Sejati
Venue: Dewan Antares

Event: Chinese New Year Festival
Venue: Dewan Antares
Meet Cheong Kevin!
Nurin wasn't wearing the shirt like us bcs she & Kevin were the emcee for that night.

Roomies <3

Event: Indian Cultural Night
Venue: Dewan Antares
Meet Jaasveen & Aifaa!

There were more pictures but these are all the proper and  decent one. Pardon me for the bad quality of camera. Blame the lighting guys. Hahah. Oh and despite the fact that I wanted experiences, I joined and attended all the events because I'm a good friend. Nurin, my roommate, was the emcee for Malam Melayu Sejati and Chinese New Year Festival events. 
Nurin, you owe me an ice-cream now!

Oh and I even attended UNIC showcase in KMS.
You just can't imagine the struggle to get a photo with these two!

With  Imam Muda Nazrul

With Raqib Majid

Frankly speaking, I don't even know these two guys until that day they came to KMS. 
It was just me following the crowd for a selfie.

Sem 2 was all about collecting marks for the sake of 10% marks for co-curricular to pursue in degree later. To not be left behind, I joined everything that was organized. Despite of getting the marks, I had fun and gained something from the activities I joined. Well at least, I have something to reminisce about what I did during my matrix life rather than locked up myself in the room and study. (ceh yeke study? *smirk*)

I participated in handball during the Karnival Mini KAKOM. We almost won but fall during the third game if I'm not mistaken. But it's okay because we had fun plus it was a good game. 
Lose with dignity win with grace.

This is my handball team

Next, I took part in the Science Station program held by Chemistry Department. 
There were 4 stations:
1. coke & mentos station
2. sugar tower station
3. volcano station
4. invisible ink station
We (Aifaa, Ain, Fatin & I) participated in the coke & mentos station because the other were fully booked plus to be on the safe side hehe because yknow everyone knows how this coke & mentos works.

planning to cheat. ahaks
Ok let me tell you something.
We almost won this one too! But the judges (PDT students) seems to be biased towards us as most of  the contestants were from PDT as well and we're from PST student. 

(L-R) Ain, me, Aifaa, Fatin, Aqilah, Syamira and Wan
The three ladies in purple participated in sugar tower station.

My residential block, Mira, held a sports just for fun and we competed among floors. So overall, floor 2 won. I'm in floor 1. Blergh sakit tangan main tarik tali tau tak. 

Pasrah lepas 3 kali tarik tali

Asean Quiz Competition
Aifaa, Fatin, Madam Rosmawati

Oh this time, during English Carnival I won few things from few activities held.

I joined this program called Jejak Menara Matrikulasi with Sahabat YADIM too. Basically it was a program to expose us matriculation students about the real life we're about to face in universities and some spirituality input.

Location: Surau As-Suffi

Okay so as you people knew, I spent my 10 months in Blok Mira. "Blok Mira ni satu je masalah dia, blackout. So please jangan bawa barang yang tak patut ye." said Madam Wan Aisyah during the first assembly. And yes people yes, blackout happened not even twice or thrice but more. Especially my wing side, the beside cafe block. Sigh. There were time where something went wrong with the wiring and we all were facing this blackout thingy for almost a week. can. you. just. imagine. that.

Nevertheless, I still love my kolej kediaman, Mira.

Best part was, we had an annual dinner where everyone can dolled up and feel pretty. Our gala dinner's theme was mockingjay. Lol just don't ask me why was it mockingjay. So everyone is needed to dress up in black/red/gold theme colors. There were performances, photo booth, cat walk and more. I love the circumstances that night where everyone looked so beautiful and gorgeous!

The dinner was held at Dewan Antares

Table for 10

These are the things in the goodies bag
Jellybean, bracelet with a mockingjay charm and a fridge magnet

Presenting, me.
Blouse & skirt : skirtbysisters
Shawl : sponsored by Syamira hehe
Necklace : Ibu's
Heels : MG Collection
 So two of my roommates, Farah and Nurin joined our neighbor next door for a performance.
They danced! Haha it was a last minute plan. They did asked me to join but I prefer to sit back and relax while enjoying their performance more. Hehe.
So that's the reason why they were in gold scarf. They changed their outfit right after they performed.
(another reason why I didn't join, I took hours to change and dressed up tehee)

Table for 10 consists of
Suraya, Maisarah, Farah, Nurin, Hajar, Rabbil, Nana, Hanim and I.
(yeap, thats 9)

Meet my plkn-mates!
Amira & Nazatul

My classmates who stayed in Mira too.
Yani, Aqilah, me and Ain

Mira T1.36 ft Mira T1.25 (neighbors in front)
Behind left; Suraya, Nurin, Izzah, Maisarah, Hidayah, me, Farah
Isya's missing otherwise, complete 8.

My fav abnormal bijs!
roommates <3
Basically, that sums up the dinner. 
We ate. We sang. We danced. We took photos. We gossip. We created memories.
This will surely be missed. 

Moving on with practicum-mates, dang there are so much things we did together. The same person I be with for 10 months, studied together, completed assignments together, copied each other lab report together, divided tutorials so we could finish it all together. Awh. I miss my classmates despite all those stupid fights we had. We're getting closer in sem 2 I guess. Even though there were tribes, but we're still SM1K2T7. 

Here are some photos we took during the last week of academic session. 

Last biology lab session with Madam Rosmawati

I dissected a mice!

Last maths tutorial with Miss Ija

Last chemistry class with Miss Hazirah

Last english class with Miss Ashley

Last lecture with SM1K2

There were times where we felt like wearing black jubah, and you know it's friday when everyone wore black jubah.


My fav gossip girls <3
(L-R) Nurul Fatin, Nur Aifaa Yuhanis, Wan Nur Syuhadah, Nurul Aqilah,
 me, Nur Syamira Najwa and Ain Syamsiah

 We also had our farewell party before everyone leaves.

127 namamu teratas..
thats what our mentor, Madam Rosma always said.

yeaaa we had chicken chop + mushroom soup

I love our class jersey! 

Last but not least, this is during the first day I registered and the last day I'm in matrix. Yes, I purposely wore the same kurung. 

Frankly speaking, my matrix journey wasn't that smooth. I wasn't an eager beaver back then but I did struggle. There will be time where everything seems so wrong, where everyone you met is such a nuisance, and you just hate you life for a while. Then that's the time where you question everything that happened and you're being an ungrateful bitch. The only way to heal and gain back your life/self; cry. Yes, cry as much as you wanted to and talk to your family, pour out everything that's in your heart and then go hit the sack. You'll feel much better after you're awake.

Homesick? Stress? Depress? Nah it's normal to feel that way as a student. I did struggle physically, mentally and emotionally. The reason I survived in matrix; my parents. For every seconds I felt like giving up, I stared at their faces on my phone read those wise words from them, and cried. I am as fragile as a glass. 

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.” – Steve Maraboli
“The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. Self-realization demands very great struggle.” – Swami Sivananda

Never give up in your life and have faith.
verily with every hardships, come ease.

So I guess these are all I can share. There are more, of course. But let that be in my memories. 
Therefore, my journey in Selangor Matriculation College ends here. 

Thank you for reading.
Here's the link for KMS Semester 1


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Last Teen Year

It's May 3rd,
guess who's turning 19?!

Woke up today to many wishes from whatsapp, facebook & twitter saying 
"happy 19th birthday izz

Is this really happening? I am 19 people who would've even thought of that like, didn't I just turned 13 last year and started my high school? Nope, reality slaps hard. I am now living in my last year with a -teen behind my age. Praises be to Him as I survived my teen years. 

Here are my 19 things I've learned by 19 :-

1. Being grateful & thankful. Never compare yourself with others who has more, but those who has less and you'll definitely be even more grateful & thankful for every single thing you had.

2. I learned to cultivate my trust in others little by little. Jsyk, I don't trust people. I don't trust words. Often they said this and done that. Even worse, being lied to. Commitments; dealing with people are the reason why I need to trust. (but I still don't fully trust people 100%)

3. It's okay to be alone. Going to cafe and eat alone, shop alone, walk alone, do your own work alone regardless of your circumstances. Sometimes you just need you-and-yourself time alone and that's okay.

4. Wear and style yourself as you wish. Make-up if you want to. Never bother about what people are saying as long as you're fine with it. Just be confident with yourself!

5. Call/text your family and tell them how's your day. They love you more than you'll ever know. 

6. Speak up. You're deserved to be heard. Don't be afraid to let others know what's on your mind- your opinion is indeed needed. Right or wrong is another story.

7. It's okay to be a little bit selfish. Sometimes, you need to prioritized yourself before others. You have to put your happiness first before others. It's not selfishness- but it's doing what's best for you.

8. People come and go as they wish. Accept that fact even if it hurts. There must be a reason for their leaving and staying in your life.

9. It's okay to cry out loud because of stress. Being depressed is suffocating. The struggle is real. But that's just how life is.

10. It's okay to say no. You don't need to give an explanation or feeling guilty. 

11. You will go through times of sadness that seem like a never ending tunnel, but that's okay. There is always light at the end to give you back your spirit.

12. Never apologize for your feelings. You have the right to feel the way you do.

13. Failure is an option. It's okay to fail your tests and quizzes. It's okay to fail in your relationship with people. It's okay. Failure is a chance for you to learn from your downfall. Your desire shall flourish through the mistakes.

14. Keep learning because you don't know everything yet.

15. Live everyday like it's your last. So cliche yet so true. There's no guaranteed of tomorrow so do what makes you happy.

16. Expectation hurts. The more you expect, the more things will never work as they should. High hopes lead to the greatest disappointment. So less your expectation, lower down your hope and just follow the flow.

17. Forgive people even when they're not sorry. I know this is easier said than done but really, it costs nothing to forgive others and you'll be at peace after that. 

18. Treat people the way you wanted to be treated. Be kind to those that are unkind towards you, it's okay.

19. Last but not least, love yourself. Believe in yourself. Have faith and have hope. There is always hope. 

Happy 19th birthday, dear self.

Thank you for all the warm wishes guys! xx