Friday, 20 November 2015

KMS Semester 1

Well, hello niggas!

It's been so long since my last write. I kinda miss ranting on my blog. I've already done with the first semester in matriculation and is now having my lazy day at home for a two weeks sem-break (8/11-21/11). Yes, my sem-break is only for two weeks, not a month- currently; day 13.

So basically, tiring-exhausting-hard-stressful-busy-hectic-depressing are words to describe my sem 1. Hahaha no, not everything I went through sem 1 is negative. I do have my happy times during this sem. I guess the fact that everything happened too fast like super fast is the reason why I felt so helpless. You need to adapt with your new circumstances very fast in order to survive. And as for me, I took quite a long times- probably the reason for the negative description of  sem 1.

Alhamdulillah, I have my pillar of strength; my parents. Definitely the reason for me to stay strong and face all the hurdles. With their supports, motivational words when I was feeling blue & down in the dumps, and of course their prayers that actually made me finished my first semester. Truth be told, I do feel like giving up and quitting this matriculation program, sometimes.
"Tak ada benda yang senang dalam hidup ni, kakak. Semua benda pun penat.Penat belajar lain, penat kerja nanti lain but that's just how life is. Enjoy je jangan stress stress."  -ibu

Apart from that of course I have my friends who are always prepared with the good advice whenever I pour my heart out to them. Thank you guys!

Ok enough with that. Now let me present how my first sem went through pictures because a picture is worth a thousand words.

This was on the registration day.
The day where my matric's life began.
Since I've registered online, so I already knew where my so called new home for the next 10 months was. I've been placed in Kolej Kediaman Mira, Tingkat 1, 36 (Mira T1 36). Before I entered matric, I was praying real hard so that I got a good roommate. Because ya, how would I survive my matric's life if I can't get along with my roommate aite?

From left; Suraya, Nurin, Farah, me

I am very thankful to have them as my roomies. God knows how blessed it was because these girls are just nice and crazy at the same time which I can get along with. Despite the fact that we did had misunderstood sometimes. 

Roommate done, now lets move on to my classmate/practicum-mate. I hope to get the same practicum with at least one of my roommates because you know I'm awkward with new people again. I hate the fact that I take time to adjust to my surrounding. Plus the fact that I do not know how to approach people first. Hope was just a hope, I got to be in Sains Modul 1 Kuliah 2 Tutorial 7 (SM1K2T7) or also been called 127 for short. 

To describe how my class was- it will take ages! (haha over betul.) So many things happened. Each and every one of them got their own attitude & characteristics. Summing up my days in 127 for this first sem, I think everything was just fine due to me being passive in that class (so i have no problem with anyone) in spite of that, somehow I do wish to not be in this class for sem 2. Nah kidding, I'm okay with everyone it was just that I don't like the fact that we do have tribes in the class which actually weaken the bonding between each and everyone of us. Hmm.

So here are my classmate of 127 which consist of 4 boys & 15 girls.

Oh and also, 2015 is the year where my first time ever fasting without my family around. For all this time, it was my parents who will wake me up for sahur. And at the evening ibu will prepare for iftar or sometimes we will be going to bazaar and bought a lot of food for iftar. But this time, I have to be independent to wake up and prepare everything by myself. I thanked my roommate a lot as they were the one who always woke me up. Ramadhan went so well, alhamdulillah.

One fact that I can't deny about KMS is that it is one of the nice and beautiful matrics. 

We have a big and beautiful surau, Surau As-Suffi.

Me, Fatin, Aifaa, Ain 

Also, a big Astaka and courts to play sports/recreation

This was during the last day of MPPB week.
With my roomies during Larian KAKOM

Oh ya, guess who's gaining weight in college? Hahaha my its-ok-im-gonna-lose-weight-in college-bcs-i-must-be-busy-studying thought were just like pie in the sky because I ate a lot (stress, perhaps?). There were days where we all were just too bored with the food at our cafes. So we ate something Italiano. Guess what is it?

Yes, 10 marks for ya! It's pizza!
Because Dominos is the only fast food that do delivery service to KMS.

Pitzah with roommate!  
Pitzah during iftar! 
Pitzah during recreation time with classmates!

Talking about my academic session, hm my Ujian Pertengahan Semester 1 (UPS1) wasn't up to scratch. Even if it's only for 4 subjects (maths, bio, chemist, physics), but the syllabus for each subject is too much man. Too much content within a short period. So how am I supposed to not getting stress and crazy? Dah la I need time to adapt with my new environment, and then at the same time also I need to adapt with this super fast learning session. Basically the reasons why I get depressed often.

But nothing worth comes easy. I need to work hard in sem 2 to redeem this sem if and only if I want a good CGPA. So girl, do not give up yet and keep on moving! Verily, with every hardship comes ease.

There are still a lot of things I wanna share here but I'm out of time. I am hoping for a better semester which I'll be entered this monday. Thank you for all the memories, sem 1. You definitely will be missed. 

So I think I'll be signing off here. Till next time!

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