Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sums up of April 2k17

1. Start of my April with handling an event, Bengkel Penulisan Kreatif with le SMF fams. It was a good sharing from the guest speaker we invited.

us, with the participants of bengkel penulisan kreatif.

2. Had our very first roommate-bonding-time for this sem. It wasn't really a 'bonding' time, we just had dinner together at Mee Ketam. Kinda sad that we rarely spent time together because our free time wasn't the same and even sadder, I'll always be the busiest one among them so we rarely could hang out complete four.

This is Kak Fiza

also, Ida and Auni

3. On the first day of April also, was the day I knew everything had came to an end like for real. I still think of the positive side before, but then found out something I shouldn't so there goes no hope anymore.

4. It was one of the weekend where I didn't go back home due to events, so I spent my time with my other family nah who else, smf fam bam of course. We went to Setia City Mall in the morning and went back to college in the evening. Well actually, the main purpose was to eat Mr. Dakgalbi!! Hehe :3 Basically all we did were eating and shopping! Hahahaha.


this is also lahv, dont worry hehe 

5. First week of the month, I was so stressed out and depressed. Everyday got meetings and everyday got back to my room late in midnight also everyday I was so barai and rabak. My studies were somehow been carried away~~~ Some noticed, they asked and all I said was "I'm okay, don't worry. Penat sikit je." when my whole world actually was falling apart... And I cried. That's the moment you know my level of tiredness was at the max.

6. Oh I met someone throughout the journey of handling my FSG team for Liga Futsal. It was nice to know you as you got that positive vibes I needed that time. 

7. I lost my Nek Long on the 14th :'( tak sempat nak balik Gombak due to running errands. Al-fatihah, you've suffered enough may you rest in peace over there, Nek Long.

8. Being the treasurer for FSG Wolves team made me automatically being part of the team which literally means you-need-to-get-involved-with-those-boys-thingy. Okay guys, as a dedicated exco sukan secretariat, I turun padang and support them okay. First game was at Shah Alam and the second game was at Puncak Alam, and I went there for the sake of supporting them team. But both game also, we lose. Sokay, still proud of ya guys. Zzzzzz.

this was during the first game
thank you datang support exco sukan hehe

this was at palam for the second game

ft. Nizam

9. As for WIRASA, I went for some events to support FSG team. And FSG was given to become the host for Tarian Rampaian Tradisional. It was such a hectic week, because we were so busy with WIRASA but thank god that everything went smooth. We managed to organize Tarian Rampaian Tradisional at Pusat Sukan successfully! Too many photos to be uploaded but I guess it'll be in another post.

This sums up everything.
Well done, team!

10. During the busy-ness of WIRASA, we also gotta prepare for ASM. So now can you imagine how exhausted my days were? One after another event, been used to it now haha. As for Anugerah Saintis Muda, I was assigned as biro multimedia, one of the toughest biros. But things went well cuz I got my team hehe. Also, more photos will be uploaded later in another post.

sums up of ASM2017

11. I swear this month has been such a roller-coaster month. I was disconsolate, inconsolable, brokenhearted and everything that deals with negative sad sorrowful emotions. Went through a lot of things, gotta deal with lot of things yet still smiling on the outside. Not trying to flaunt, but yes I am that strong 💪 only one or two who knew what I was dealing with this month. I thanked you people for being there to somehow give me strength.