Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Quick update

  • I miss writing. I miss expressing my thoughts through writing. I miss ranting on my blog. 
  • Lately I was so busy that I have no time to even breathe. Lol metaphor sangat, but ya I truly am busy with my student life. Screw those sayings "degree will be much more relax than matrics" cuz no. 
  • For the first time in forever I didn't go back home for a month (october-november) because my weekends were so packed!!! Faculty's event, college's event, camp, co-cu activities, this and that like everything was in a row and there's no such thing as 'weekend' anymore. I was needed 24/7.
  • Had gone through lots of roller coaster emotions because of so many reasons lately. 
  • But I'm still here standing strong- mentally & emotionally.
  • I have 2 pending post about my journey during KPO and Ecology field trip. It had been in my draft for quite some times but I have no time to sit back, relax and enjoy editing them.
  • Assignments, tests and quizzes had started to boom out my life. Stay strong, dear self! 💪 
  • Always overthinking about some ridiculous stuffs but then there will always be someone whom remind me not to. And I'm blessed for that.
  • I wish there will be a fairy who put a lot of cash in my bag. God I'm broke! Why does everything on earth needs money?!? Why can't everything be free haih it would be nice then especially when it comes to food.
  • I can't wait for my mid-sem break.
  • I am actually tired.


Friday, 4 November 2016

Genggam Erat Tanganku Sahabat 3.0 (GETS) at Kem Desa Selesa, Tg. Malim, Perak.

Firstly first, I joined this martial art plus minus a month ago. Me???? Joining silat??!? Don't laugh people, don't. I know it's kinda funny knowing me joining silat as yaa you know....me.... Lol. Okay but whatever it is, I have my reasons for joining this and let it just be between me and myself. Plus, martial art isn't a bad thing to join in as you get to learn how to defense and protect yourself when you're in danger. 

So, on the 15th-16th October I went for a camping organized by Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Pusaka Ustaz Hanafi. It was a program for new members to strengthen the relationship among each other, hence the camp was named Genggam Erat Tanganku Sahabat. This camp was held at Kem Desa Selesa, Tanjung Malim, Perak for 2 days 1 night. It was a totally hutan I tell ya!

Day 1: 15/10/2016

Supposedly, the event started early in the morning but then some of us got co-cu class on Saturday morning. So there were two trips that day; 1st- 0700 hrs, 2nd- 1330 hrs. I went for the second trip since I got class that morning. We were gathered at Teratai bus stand and you know....malay being malay they never did what they said. Was supposed to depart at 1400 but nahhh. Reached the camp in the evening, the bus stopped somewhere by the road and we needed to walk to reached the camp site. At first I was like okay.......but then after about 10 minutes of walking we still haven't reach dang it was sooooo inland in the jungle.

That was me, feeling tired & sweating like crazay.

Almost reached to the exact site and we were told that we're needed to cross the bridge (pls don't imagine those nice pretty concrete or brick kinda bridge). 

This. Kind. Of. Bridge. 
The hanging bridge. Only 4pax at a moment.

I swear it was so scary eventho it wasn't that high but those unstable board...
+ the heavy loads...

Confidence overcomes the fears, I managed to cross the bridge safely. Haha. Then we were divided into groups before entering the bamboo hall to join with the first trip members.

At first, this was my group but then we exchanged
one girl with a boy bcs each group must have at least one man.
Since we reached there late in the evening, we perform our Asar prayer first and had some biscuits with tea before we started the activity.

The first thing was they wanted us to get wet. So there was something like perigi(?) or parit(??) ahh I taktau la apa nama dia but it contained water ((dirty water)). The boys started this activity first since out of many they were only 16 of them. Pupus barangkali.

This is how we needed to do it.
The one in the water were facilitators.

....and thats it *splash*

Next we needed to ran and completed all the task during the obstacle activity. Weh this activity I swear it tested our physical and mental endurance. It somehow like kembara halangan during my last time in PLKN.

Finished the activity late in the evening and prepared ourselves for dinner and maghrib prayer. The toilet wasn't that comfortable as ya yknow...toilet in the jungle. I planned not to bath for these two days but then we were all wet with muddy water so whether or not I like, I still need to clean up myself.

Oh and, if you ever wondered where did we slept in yeahhh you guess it right. We slept in the tent!! Actually one tent was for 4 person but then I don't know how or why but nobody was in my tent so I went in Naza's tent and there was only the both of us using that tent till the end. Blessed.

Our camp site.
Meet Naza!

This was where we had our foods.

That night, we had LDK where we needed to draw our flag presented it and did the group cheers. Overall there was 14 groups in total and guess what group I'm in? Ya, 14. So waited patiently and gave them all big applause every time each group presented till my group's turn to present. 

This is my group presenting.

Later then we were briefed about the night walk activity. Yaaaas night walk!! I was so excited and nervous at the same time because it has been so looooong since my last time doing night walk. Well the last one was during standard 6 camping, I guess it was urm about 7 years ago? Quite long enough.

Little do you know that we were told it was a solo night walk. Solo. I've never been into solo night walk before and yes I got a goosebumps immediately. I thought that it was a group night walk where we will be blindfolded and tied our hands together just like my last night walk experience. But it literally deflected my thoughts.

And so, the night walk begins around 0130hrs++ and ended at almost 0400hrs++. It took quite a long time because they needed to let us go one by one. Oh before that, during the briefing we were told  that our password was "hantu pocong" so if we ever hesitated and saw 'something' along the journey, just say "hantu" and if it was a human (our facilitators) they'll answer us and if it doesn't answer then errr yaa...you better run!

Jeng jeng jeng it was my turn to go inside the jungle alone at 2 in the morning. I zikr along my journey to the end. I walked in average speed and didn't even looked around, I watched my step carefully just in case there's hole or something I'd step on. Then at one point, I saw something. I freaking saw something with a white cloth was sitting down. I knew that must be our faci so I ignored him and walked ahead without even saying anything to him. But I guess he wasn't happy that I was not afraid of him and suddenly I heard steps behind me I was afraid but I tried to not turning back. As I walked even faster, the steps kept on following me and out of a sudden that 'thing' with white cloth on was right beside me and "BAHHH" me. I was so shocked and shouted immediately the moment I saw his face. He was wearing telekung tho. I kept on walking while hold on tears from falling. There were noises of ghost, dog and even cat. I spoke out the password two times at this one zombie-like-human but he wasn't answering mehhhh so I kept on walking until the end.

It was terrifying but a nice experience to boost up self confidence and trains our mind to be braver than before.

While waiting for the others, we slept.

Day 2: 16/10/2016

Woke up early for subuh prayer even though we had only plus minus one hour of sleep last night. Before started our water activity today, we did aerobic exercise conducted by Mr Amirul, the fitness teacher. He and his personality is so funny and cute. Then after finished breakfast, we started our water activity. Basically, we need to walk in the river throughout the journey and at certain points there were some task we needed to do. It was all-wet kinda day!

That's him, the fitness teacher
in red shirt with blue bag.
This is my group after doing our group cheers.

Here are the facilitators & secretariat for GETS3.0

We finished the water activity at almost midday, cleaned up ourselves changed to the GETS shirt and gathered back at the hall for the closing ceremony. Finished with the closing ceremony, it was a photoshoot session before we had our lunch and packed our stuff to go back home to campus.

That was me, holding a packet of mamee monster.
Behind that is the hall we usually gathered.
Meet Naza, my sleeping partner in the tent.

Also, here are some photos of my group.
Thank you for everything we had shared for these 2 days guys.

And to all the facilitators thank you for all the knowledge you gave us. 
Also thanks for being understanding and patience with our 1001 different attitudes.

This was before we were leaving, while waiting for our turn to get into the bus.


With that, our journey in GETS3.0 ended. We reached back at college late in the evening. Overall, I did had fun despite all those silly things I kept on complaining.

Some of the pictures are creditted to the multimedia ajk & Naza.
Oh and, if you're curious on what else were we doing there feel free to take a look on our journey here or search #GETS3 on instagram/twitter.