Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Quick update

  • I miss writing. I miss expressing my thoughts through writing. I miss ranting on my blog. 
  • Lately I was so busy that I have no time to even breathe. Lol metaphor sangat, but ya I truly am busy with my student life. Screw those sayings "degree will be much more relax than matrics" cuz no. 
  • For the first time in forever I didn't go back home for a month (october-november) because my weekends were so packed!!! Faculty's event, college's event, camp, co-cu activities, this and that like everything was in a row and there's no such thing as 'weekend' anymore. I was needed 24/7.
  • Had gone through lots of roller coaster emotions because of so many reasons lately. 
  • But I'm still here standing strong- mentally & emotionally.
  • I have 2 pending post about my journey during KPO and Ecology field trip. It had been in my draft for quite some times but I have no time to sit back, relax and enjoy editing them.
  • Assignments, tests and quizzes had started to boom out my life. Stay strong, dear self! 💪 
  • Always overthinking about some ridiculous stuffs but then there will always be someone whom remind me not to. And I'm blessed for that.
  • I wish there will be a fairy who put a lot of cash in my bag. God I'm broke! Why does everything on earth needs money?!? Why can't everything be free haih it would be nice then especially when it comes to food.
  • I can't wait for my mid-sem break.
  • I am actually tired.


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