Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Sums up of Jan 2k17

1. I finally finished my finals which literally means I had completed my first semester! Yes, I'm done with my first semester ain't it went by so fast? Gosh

2. Discovered how to make a toast when you're in college with no toaster. Hahahaha this is so funny I was the lamest person evuuuuur to discover such thing at the age of urm 19? Lol but pardon me, I'm not a boarding school kiddo. Such innovation usually been done by those creatives boarding school kids. So here's one of the short vids I posted on my insta-story back then. (sorry la sis jakun 😀)

3. My sleeping pattern during the month was so terrible. There were days where I slept at 4 or 5am and woke up at 12pm, also there were days I slept at 10pm but still woke up at 12pm. I don't know but what I knew was that, I got a bad sleeping pattern for the whole month.

4. Oh ya, I tried Mr. Dakgalbi, a korean cuisine. I'm not that type of person who's so into korean/japanese cuisine but I'd love to try out something new so why not. Went there with my roommates just to celebrate a farewell before we ended our first semester. It tasted good though. Also we spent our time together wandering around Setia City Mall for no solid reason hehe. 

Meet Farhana and Ida

5. I went for Explorasi Ilham SMF for 3 days 2 nights at Felda Residence Trolak, Perak for a brainstorming session with my SMF squad. Read on for details.

6. Since it was Chinese New Year holiday, we went back to Pontian, Johor my hometown for 4 days. Also visited Tanjung Piai again since the last time I went there was hmmm when I was still a little kid I guess. Cikteh's and Ummy's fams were also there to join us.

7. I made butter-chicken but it didn't turn out like I wanted it to be. Better luck next time gurl!

8. Received a heartbreaking news at the end of the month where two of my batch-mates in KMS had passed away due to accident. 


Friday, 27 January 2017

Explorasi Ilham SMF 16/17, Felda Residence Trolak

Some people were enjoying their sem break, some might already got a part time job, some might still be busy doing their fyp. In the meantime, I had a camp(?) nah no it's not really a camp but more to a short getaway for brainstorming session.

I went for this program called Explorasi Ilham SMF 2016/2017 that was held at Felda Residence Trolak, Perak for 3 days 2 nights. 

Sunday, 22/1/2017

I was feeling so sleepy to wake up that morning since I slept late the night before. Forced myself to, and had breakfast at Asam Pedas first before we headed to UiTM. We were leaving at 8.40 and reached my campus around 9.15+ and surprisingly I was the first who arrived! Haha I think Ayah was driving too fast that he got fined on the road lol. As I reached at the bus stop, there were so many people but they're all from SUKSIS. So I asked my parents to wait there for few minutes and I saw Kak Khaleeda was walking towards the bus stop so goodbye session happened and my parents leave.

While waiting for the others and the bus, we took photos, chit-chatting and get to know each other more.

Furqaan, Kak Khaleeda, Me and Aliah
We were coincidentally color coordinated!

See, we're getting along now.

And so we were leaving UiTM at 10.55 but before that,
Pictures of course!

Sadly, there are some of  SMF fams that couldn't join us.

But it's okay, till next time!

I slept throughout the journey because I was so sleepy plus the fact that I ate nasi lemak during breakfast earlier. As I woke up, we reached RnR Sg. Buloh already. Was told to eat for lunch since it will not be prepared by the resort. That was at 11.30 where I haven't feel hungry yet so I just take-away a set of burger at Burger King. 

Finally reached the place around 13.50+ checked in, and getting ourselves ready to gather at the hall at 14.30.

Taking turn to get our room.
This is my room, a room for 4.

Basically the room was nice and comfortable most importantly, clean! The toilet also was okay there was a heater so takde la weolls freezing. Hekhek.

Then we gathered at Alamanda 6 hall for a session with Sir Fairus, the HEP coordinator also known as SMF advisor. The first hour we did some ice-breaking just to get to know each other well and followed by his talks. Sir explained everything we needed to know as a SMF and what we should do for the next semester programs. The talks ended at 18.20 and I bet you can imagine how sleepy we were that evening.

Seketul me.

This is Sir Fairus gaiz

Headache attacked. Dayyum I don't like that feeling where you feel like hantuk kepala dekat dinding so hard cuz, headache. Then I remembered I last ate heavy food during breakfast and didn't take my lunch yet. (Oh, I just ate the french fries at Burger King during the stop.) 

Had our dinner that evening and getting ready for maghrib. Then we gathered back at the hall for a session with our Deputy Dean, Dr. Tajudin. 

Dr Tajudin with our MPP, Amirul.

And that night, oh my god I kena bahan terox punya. We needed to sit according to our Exco, and Zafran and I coincidentally wore the same color. 
Ariessa even have our close up together hahahaha that was awkward. 

Dean, Zaf, me; exco sukan & rekreasi
 Kak Mal, Kak Fifiq, Sue; exco hubungan jaringan tajaan
We ended our session at 22.40+, had our supper and got back to our room. After showered and all, I ate my burger at 23.00+ and slept because can't stand the headache any longer. 

Monday, 23/1/2017

Rise and shine! Woke up for subuh and changed to sport attire as we got some recreation that morning. Zaf, Dean and I should be conducted the aerobic that morning as we're exco sukan. We literally did zero preparation for that so we just turn on the music and did the exercise. Lol.

That was me next to Zaf who's trying to do lompat bintang
Then we played dodge ball before having our breakfast at 8.00+

After having nasi lemak for our breakfast, we showered and prepared ourselves to gather at the hall again. This time, we did some discussions among our exco about our scope of work and stuffs. It's time for work people! Time to brainstorm ideas! 

Meet your secretariat girl here *wink*

Again, for the second time I kena bahan lagi because I color coordinated with Zaf.

"Zaf kau pahal asyik tiru aku ni?"
"Mana aku tahu do. Takpe, aku dah bawak jacket just in case."


Ariessa took this candid btw

We were discussing in the hall until the lunch time. Had chicken rice for lunch and prepared for pond rafting at 15.00 wehooo. 

So as we reached the place for pond rafting, we were briefed about it by Jepun (this is what he asked us to call him) and also Pak Leh. We were divided into two groups and each group was given only 4 small bamboos, 4 big bamboos, 4 big barrels, 8 long ropes and 17 short ropes to build a raft. Was given only 45 minutes to complete everything after that whether or not we finished it we gotta ride it on.

That man with red shirt is Jepun
and the one with a hat is Pak Leh 

That was me acah je tolong Al padahal tak reti pun ikat that tali huhu 

All wet bebeh! 

It was raining when we were rafting but still, we carried on because it wasn't that heavy rain. So we finished the activity and got back to our room to change and getting ready for dinner and maghrib. Then again, we continued with our discussion in the hall and got back to our room around 23.00++

Oh before that, we had something like a debate session earlier before the discussion began. Here are some videos of it.

Tuesday, 24/1/2017

So here comes the last day of our Explorasi Ilham. Kak Mal woke me up for subuh and we got back to sleep afterwards. Woke back for breakfast at 8.00 and packed our stuff. We continued with our discussion and brainstorming session back until 12.15 and got back to our room to bring down all the bags because checked out at 12.30. We had our lunch before leaving, and of course photoshoooot twime! 

Exco sukan & rekreasi presenting
Oh ya, I slept with these 3 ladies.
Sue, Kak Mal and Dean.

This is the hall we used everytime
(excuse my selekeh tudung)
Formal first pls
Ok now informal

The bus arrived around 14.30 and we reached campus at 16.20+. Since it was a weekday, my parents couldn't fetch me as both of them were working. So I gotta be an independent girl, yes KTM it is. Went back by KTM with Aliah, Nadia, Adil, Furqaan and Sardin. The five of us stopped at KL Sentral while Nadia wasn't because she's going back to Rawang which was on the same pathway so no need to change platform or whatnot. As for Furqaan and Aliah, they took LRT from KL Sentral to their place. And then there was left Adil, Sardin and I changed to platform 6 since Adil wanted to stop at TBS, Sardin at Seremban and mehhh ofcozzzz UKM. (Adil & Sardin are both a man just in case if you're wondering, but just don't ask me why we call him Sardin lol) 

So we got into the train and oh my god I can't breathe. You know....KTM......in the evening....peak hours....people got back from office.....ya. Pls imagine how packed it was. While in the train, the three of us chit-chatting, Adil was standing beside me and hahahaha something happened. (pls jangan fikir the bad one ok!) "Sorry la Izz, aku harap kau tak kisah. Malam ni jangan sampai termimpi aku pulak." AHAHAHAHAHA I laughed real hard after Adil said that. Bongok la dil. 

Finally reached home at almost 20.00. 

In a nutshell, I gained and learned a lot during this 3 days 2 nights of brainstorming session. I really am looking forward to work with these people, my SMF squad. I hope together we can contribute something to our beloved Faculty of Applied Sciences. Make them all proud to be in this fac.

See ya guys next sem!

My SMF fams <3

P/s: most of the pictures are credited to our exco multimedia, Ariessa and Furqaan.


Sunday, 1 January 2017

Welcoming 2017

2016 had been quite a roller-coaster year for me. I had gone through a lot and also learnt a lot. Life goes on, no matter what. Time passes away but memories stay; either good, or the bad one. 

Soooo it's a brand new year again! 


I hope nothing but to live a better year,


To be a better version of myself in every aspects. 

Resolutions? Nah, I have a long list of my resolutions for every new year, months, weeks or even days. Just let me keep it until it has become a great success. 

I miss writing so much. Rarely have time to write since I've started my degree life. And of course, there are lots of things and memories to write about. Well honestly there are 7 posts in my draft that I wanted to publish but I was so busy and tend to procrastinate and.......just me being lazy that eventually it stays in the draft. *lempang diri sendiri* 

To write more, might be one of the 2017-so-called-resolutions-list perhaps? 

Whatever it is, happy new year everyone! I hope each of you will have a wonderful year ahead.

Till then, I promise I'll try to write more, to keep more of my memories in here.

"so called the busy girl"
(acah je ni padahal bila free tidoq ja)