Sunday, 1 January 2017

Welcoming 2017

2016 had been quite a roller-coaster year for me. I had gone through a lot and also learnt a lot. Life goes on, no matter what. Time passes away but memories stay; either good, or the bad one. 

Soooo it's a brand new year again! 


I hope nothing but to live a better year,


To be a better version of myself in every aspects. 

Resolutions? Nah, I have a long list of my resolutions for every new year, months, weeks or even days. Just let me keep it until it has become a great success. 

I miss writing so much. Rarely have time to write since I've started my degree life. And of course, there are lots of things and memories to write about. Well honestly there are 7 posts in my draft that I wanted to publish but I was so busy and tend to procrastinate and.......just me being lazy that eventually it stays in the draft. *lempang diri sendiri* 

To write more, might be one of the 2017-so-called-resolutions-list perhaps? 

Whatever it is, happy new year everyone! I hope each of you will have a wonderful year ahead.

Till then, I promise I'll try to write more, to keep more of my memories in here.

"so called the busy girl"
(acah je ni padahal bila free tidoq ja)



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