Tuesday, 20 November 2012

UPSR & Marriott

Assalamualaikum & hello people. *If only I have readers sigh* Oh so went to JEPS this morning, well you know UPSR results kan. Alhamdulillah, all of my cousins in jeps got 5As and Hariez in Jalan 3 got 3As. Syukur. 

"Congrats Zaki, haaa Nani lepas ni PMR la pulak kaan"

How I hate this. 

You know, I'm a bit afraid of my result. Actually, very afraid. Cuak gila tahap 45879642135654632. 

Nabilah, Aiman, Zaki

Siblings <3

Pak Long belanja makan at Marriott Hotel tonight. So whatchu waiting for........melantak! I ate a lot ok just now. A lot. Cehh. Anyway, we were having fun together with Mak Long's and Mak Chik's family too. 

UPSR 2012 Candidates
Zaki, Hariez, Aiman


I'm typing this at 12.30+ so please just ignore any silly things. Goodnight!

Loves xx

Sunday, 11 November 2012



Hehe hiiiiiiii! Just a quick post to check out the signature. Heee btw, both of the foods above look fcking yummy delicious!!!!!! Am I right?

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Life is just life

Hi back. So, finally school is over for 2012 session. Form 3 is over. Can't believe that I'll be sixteen next year. Time flies so fast during my fifteen. But yes, I do have a amazing wonderful fifteen, I guess. 

I did nothing much after my pmr examination. Went to Planetarium & Putrajaya (Masjid Besi, Taman Botani, Alamanda) under school trip. Nahh, obviously la under school. Do I ever outing with my friends? I mean, we go somewhere and just we, no teachers no parents. Do I ever? Never. *sighs* 

We had a great times together. Through the ups and downs together. Such a sweet memories to be kept. 

Nananananananana I love my friends! A lot. 

Oh btw, it's already November. So hi November. I hope there's miracle in you. And I don't want to cry over the same things anymore. What a stupid. Just, enough wasting my tears like a river in October. Cause I'm tired. Please be great, November. Adios x