Tuesday, 13 September 2016

#RoadToDegree Part 1: Minggu Destini Siswa (MDS)

I am back for a week of Aidiladha & Malaysia Day holiday.

So I've been into UiTM Shah Alam for two weeks and survived. Lol come on, it had only been two weeks what do you expect then? I'm not that weak. *rolling eyes*

The day I enrolled as a student for degree September '16 intake, was one of the turning points of my life. That was the time where I knew I was stepping onto another new phase of life.

As usual, entering new place meaning you need to go through the orientation week first. And here in UiTM we call it as Minggu Destini Siswa (MDS).

(I've never like any kind of orientation despite the fact that I usually miss that week once it ended)

Day 1: 28/8/2016

We went for breakfast before headed to UiTM and reached there around 10++am because we're stuck in jammed at the traffic light before gate 2. I was so pissed off with Malaysian drivers like where's ya driving manners people were queuing up for quite a long time and you simply cut off the queue the heck? No patience at all and I'm so not gonna give a damn to these kind of people.

Registered, got the room key and ya it's time to climb up the stairs as my room is at level 3!!! (still can't accept this till now tho). The struggle to bring all of my things to my room is real, I swear. Oh before that, it was only my parents, Abg(?) Kenneth and me whom present on that day. My stuff was like someone who's moving away for 2 years and not coming back home.

So many so heavy.
The four of us determinedly brought everything up and everyone was so lencun that day! It was so hot and tiring and sweaty all day long. I pity them needed to carry up my things but what can I do then.. Thankfully there's Abg Ken to give a hand.

The room wasn't a bit like what I expected. It was much more smaller than my room during matriculation. I've been sighing and complaining that the locker is literally half of my locker at KMS. But then again, be grateful girl.

This was right after we brought up my things. They were so tired.

This was a week after MDS.

Later in the evening we got a briefing on college registration and others. It was so boring the facilitators or so called PM (Pemimpin Mahasiswa) talked talked and talked about stuff. Got back to our room at 00:55, showered ironed clothes for tomorrow settled everything and slept at 02:11. Andddd we need to be in the hall at 04:40 for the next day. Dayyum.

These two are the person I wanted to make em proud. 

Day 2: 29/8/2016

Awake at 03:42 as I heard Kak Mihah's (my roommates, the four of us didn't have any proper picture so ya later I'll introduce them) voice. I was so sleepy and lazy to wake up as I set up my alarm at 03:50. Literally, I slept for only +-1 hour. During subuh prayer we're all like super duper sleepy and got no time to even laugh at the joke PM told us. After breakfast time (I didn't even take the breakfast cuz its still early doh), everyone got into bus headed to Masjid Tuanku Mizan for briefing about academic registration. In my case, I've been seated with the so called 'special group' as I didn't have the matriculation transcript with me. So we the one who're with this 'special group' sits and did nothing for hours while waiting for the other to settle their registration. I swear we did nothing that everything was getting aches. Backache headache butt-ache heartache you name it. 

Settled everything, and then again another talk another briefing at Dewan Agung Tuanku Cancelor (DATC). Had our dinner and needed to walk back to Masjid to perform maghrib & isyak and had some spirituality input kinda night. 

This is in the DATC hall.
Just so you know, the Masjid and DATC is quite far and we literally needed to walk to and fro during that week.

We embarked the bus at 11:55 and got back to our college just to know that we're still detained in the college's hall because the PM wanted to count how many of us and we needed to do that 'cube' thingy. They gave us a bread and water for supper. Finally, slept at 02:10.

Day 3: 30/8/2016

Woke up as yesterday with a super lazy feeling, prayed together in the hall and went for breakfast. Suddenly, it rained so heavily that we've to wait for the rain to stop in the hall. Nah now that's the time, everyone took the chance to sleep and we were like those mangsa banjir yang bertempiaran. Hahaha.

It was the all-day-long-in-DATC. From the morning to the very night all the activities were there. That night, we had Malam Bersama MPP 15/16 so everyone from each exco introduced their members and explained what their responsibilities were.

Just before the MPP entered the hall

Later after the session with MPP 15/16 finished, our PM did some performances sang a few songs and being happy to cheer us up. I did enjoyed despite how sleepy I was because it was around 23:00+. Hence, I just recorded a few videos and posted in on insta-story and twitter. Click here and here to watch. We actually waited until 00:00 to shout out 'MERDEKA!' since the next day was Independence Day. Here's a short video  I recorded. 

Though we were having fun singing and dancing that night, it turned out to be the worst night ever. After embarked the bus back to our college, we were gathered in the hall and was detained because the PMs were so mad and angry out of a sudden. The reason is because, there were some siswi who showed up late like super late (07:30) (no wonder they were so mad) that morning as we should've gather at 04:40. After all the anger released, we got back to our room at 02:20 and needed to gather at 04:15 for the next day. 

I was annoyed, but then I knew the fact that the PMs were holding a big responsibility and they're even tired compared to us. 

Day 4: 31/8/2016

I was too tired that night I slept without even showered. Oopsie. Woke up at 03:00++ just to know that it was blackout. Blackout. Blackout!!!!!! Ergh I swear I hate this situation I thought this blackout thingy only happens during I was in KMS but I guess wrong. So I had to shower in the dark and freaking wore my baju kurung without even ironing it. 

Later in the hall, we were informed that we needed to change to casual and not formal. Like. Whut. After breakfast we went to DATC again for a talk again and again and again I slept during the talk. Everyone who's at the second and third floor slept peacefully with the cold air-conditioned surrounding. We were there until lunch hour, then went to Masjid to perform zohor and Abang Zahir who's face so similar to KJ was being nice and let us took a rest until 16:15. What else to do, sleep. 

White shirt with track suit, casual enough huh
In the evening, we went to Stadium UiTM to watch a football match between I don't know what team vs the new student team.

There was another talk that night, co-curricular talk and the got back to our college's hall. That night there was a sorry session as the PMs apologized because they were going insane the night before. 

Day 5: 1/9/2016

Since we were all performed yesterday, PM told us we could just pray at our room and came down by 06:30 for breakfast. We literally did nothing after breakfast and just wasting our time playing those games with the PM. But truth be told, I'd rather play those games and having fun like that even though it was so childish. I prefer that way rather than sit and being sleepy with those boring talks.
Oh and, we had a photoshoot by faculty until lunch time. 

Later in the evening after settled with lunch and prayer, we're headed to DATC for the Majlis Amanat Naib Cancelor & Majlis Perasmian Minggu Destini Siswa.

Credit: Universiti Teknologi MARA facebook page.

Now that MDS has come to the end. 

Me, Kak Mihah, Ida, Suha & Farhana

Oh yea, right after the MDS ended, I immediately got back home with Suha and Farhana. We rushed to KTM Padang Jawa since its already late. The couch was empty so we conquer it like no one cares. Suha and Fana even ate the chicken rice given to us right after we finished our MDS in the couch. 

This is Nasuha eating her chicken rice.

This is Farhana eating her chicken rice.

This is me...

...eating her kitkat chunky.

Hahahaha. I'm a slow eater therefore I can't eat my chicken rice in the couch.

As much as I hate orientation week, I know I'd be missing those moments later. Anyway, thank you to all PMs who had been patience enough to handle us, 2k+ new students with many behaviors.

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