Friday, 31 December 2010

It's New Year people !

yeahh , welcome 2011 . and I'll miss 2010 . okay , start from now , let's start a new game . common people yeah ! change your life . don't you getting bored with the same things , messy life and all the bored things in your life? nahh , common wake up people ! start a new super happy life . Change all the bad things you're done with new stuff . so am I . I'm gonna change my life !

New things, new uniform, new class, new teachers, new stuff and all . so , change it to a NEW LIFE . make your dreams comes true . make your parents happy and proud of you . make all the things that you'll does for a reason and make it real .

Okay enough then . So , I'm here , Nur Izz Hanani wishing you all HAPPY NEW YEAR ! enjoy your life dude (:

*ignore the broken english I've done. hehe*

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


wuuuuuuu XD

wahh wahh Malaysia menang woooo .
bangga nii bangga !
oh yeahh , chaiyok Malaysia :)

Monday, 27 December 2010

miss you guys !

uuuuu love you all people :)
Heyy :]
yeah , I miss blogging .
But moreeee miss the people up there .
now , 27 December 2010 .
few more days before 2010 ends .

Too much memories with you guys in this year .
sweet , bitter , all the memories we share it together .
yeahh I'm totally miss it .

I just can't forget it when we get into fight and just like uuuu small kiddos .
nahh , can't believe that we're now gonna climb up another stage .
Form 2 , coming soon .
andd , really sad bcs we're not in the same class .
everybody got their own class depends on the final result form 1 .

But it's much better bcs we not too apart .
me, Bobby, and Moon in Inovatif :)
Eyqa and Najwa together in Kreatif :)
while Nisa alone in Dinamik :)
It shows that Nisa's result much better than us .
yeah , even not in the same class, but please,

we can still see each other when it's recess time .
when you guys got a new friend in a new class, please don't forget me okay ?
promise that we will still recess together and keep seeing each other .
promise that we will still stay be BESTFRIEND even not in the same class .
Okayy ?

I'm sorry if i have being emo or did something that make you guys uncomfortable with me . So, forgive me kayy .
I really miss you all .
and yeah , see you guys next year in Form 2 !

- Being friends with you guys has added a bright spot to my life -
Thankyou for being my friends !

Love you guys much much :D
xoxo - izz

Sunday, 12 December 2010

mission has been successfully carried out ! haha :D

Hello !

wanna know what is the mission ?
nahh, let me tell yaa .
I'm just bored and get nothing to do .
so, yeah I think wanna tidy up my messy room !
then ajak Ebby sekali .
yelah, mana larat kemas sorang sorang .
Kann ?
hahaha :P

Actually not too messy .
but yeah, just like kapal karam lahh .
Tikus pun taknak masuk I guess .
haha :D

So, start kemas maybe about 2 something .
andd, finished at exactly 6.18 .
Ohhh yeahhh .
Finally, KEMAS jugak bilik akuh .

It's about 4 hours something lah kann .
lama tuu . haha :D
So means, memang kapal karam lah kan .
sampai 4 hours nak kene kemas .

From this .

Then begin with this .

And end up like this .

Yeah totally clean !
haha ;)
betapa RAJIN aku harini .

Siap vaccum , mop lagi tuhh .
Fuhhh , best larh !
last last, tertumbang pulak .
penat gilaa sampai boleh tertidur pukul 6 lebih tuu .

huh nasib baik adik aku kejut .
kalau tak, sampai besok pagi la jawabnya .
hahaha .

So, mama and ayah .
Listen up !
Kakak and Ebby dah kemas bilik .
dah cantik, so rewards ?
hehehe :D

That's all peeps ,
- NurIzzHanani :)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

hello people ;]

Hey all !

Firstly, sorry Izz dah lama tak update .
heee :P maklumla, org busy lah katakan .
ceyh mnde . tak busy pun acctually .

hahaha :O
haritu time pergi Family Day dkt Melaka tuh kann,
best gileee, even ade la something happen yg spoil kn program .
Buttt, it's okay, malas nk cite .
haha . Hope next year punye family day lagi superb BEST !

okay, dah taktahu nak ckp ape nehh .
So, daaaaa :)


Friday, 3 December 2010

Tomorrow is the day !

hello :]

Can't wait for tomorrow yeah .
Family Trip to Melaka .
yeahhh, so gonna away from this blog for awhile .

hikss .
3 days jee .
tak lamaa .
hahaha :P so so so takk sabaaaa !
crazy ke ape ohh ?

Okay, that's all .
saje nak inform .

- izz XD