Friday, 31 December 2010

It's New Year people !

yeahh , welcome 2011 . and I'll miss 2010 . okay , start from now , let's start a new game . common people yeah ! change your life . don't you getting bored with the same things , messy life and all the bored things in your life? nahh , common wake up people ! start a new super happy life . Change all the bad things you're done with new stuff . so am I . I'm gonna change my life !

New things, new uniform, new class, new teachers, new stuff and all . so , change it to a NEW LIFE . make your dreams comes true . make your parents happy and proud of you . make all the things that you'll does for a reason and make it real .

Okay enough then . So , I'm here , Nur Izz Hanani wishing you all HAPPY NEW YEAR ! enjoy your life dude (:

*ignore the broken english I've done. hehe*

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