Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Sums up of Jan 2k17

1. I finally finished my finals which literally means I had completed my first semester! Yes, I'm done with my first semester ain't it went by so fast? Gosh

2. Discovered how to make a toast when you're in college with no toaster. Hahahaha this is so funny I was the lamest person evuuuuur to discover such thing at the age of urm 19? Lol but pardon me, I'm not a boarding school kiddo. Such innovation usually been done by those creatives boarding school kids. So here's one of the short vids I posted on my insta-story back then. (sorry la sis jakun 😀)

3. My sleeping pattern during the month was so terrible. There were days where I slept at 4 or 5am and woke up at 12pm, also there were days I slept at 10pm but still woke up at 12pm. I don't know but what I knew was that, I got a bad sleeping pattern for the whole month.

4. Oh ya, I tried Mr. Dakgalbi, a korean cuisine. I'm not that type of person who's so into korean/japanese cuisine but I'd love to try out something new so why not. Went there with my roommates just to celebrate a farewell before we ended our first semester. It tasted good though. Also we spent our time together wandering around Setia City Mall for no solid reason hehe. 

Meet Farhana and Ida

5. I went for Explorasi Ilham SMF for 3 days 2 nights at Felda Residence Trolak, Perak for a brainstorming session with my SMF squad. Read on for details.

6. Since it was Chinese New Year holiday, we went back to Pontian, Johor my hometown for 4 days. Also visited Tanjung Piai again since the last time I went there was hmmm when I was still a little kid I guess. Cikteh's and Ummy's fams were also there to join us.

7. I made butter-chicken but it didn't turn out like I wanted it to be. Better luck next time gurl!

8. Received a heartbreaking news at the end of the month where two of my batch-mates in KMS had passed away due to accident. 


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