Saturday, 5 February 2011

I Just Hate You The Way You Are !


O, hey people :] Know what ? I HATE YOU DUMBASS. Oh not you readers, it is for that SPECIAL PERSON. Yahh, I don't know if you're read this or not. But if you're reading this post, I'm sorry lahh ye :) 'cause you're the reason I post this. Yes, it's YOU! Well, yes what the hell is your problem not satisfied with me ?

Aku cakap tu kau cakap tu, aku cakap ni kau cakap ni. Hoii, tkde modal ke derr ? Eugh. Why must you copy what I'm writing about, what I'm talking about, whom I befriend to. Why ? Don't you have your own life ? Ofcourse you have your own wonderful life. Am I right ? So live your life lah babe. Jangan kacau life orang lain.

Just do it by yourself lah, there's no need to copy others. You have your brilliant brain so use it. Don't put your brain at your knee. Okay ?

I know you've change your url blog 'cause you don't want me to stalk your blog again and again. Right ? But whatever it is, I DON'T MIND! It's up to you. It's your right to change it not mine. So yeah, I don't care lahh. Takdenye aku desperate gila nak cari apa url baru kau.

So please, get a life lahh. :)

- izz x)

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