Friday, 31 March 2017

Sums up of March 2k17

1. I got back to UiTM on the 5th, registered for college since lectures started on the 6th. As usual my stuff was like someone who's not going back home for 3 years. Lol but thank god my brother was also on his mid-sem break so I got an extra hand there to carry my freaking heavy luggage to my room on the third level.

2. After 41 days, I finally discussed about it with someone. And after 43 days, I finally received that notification but then it stopped there-

3. The first week usually would be kinda a relaxing week because some lecturers won't be entering the class. But in my case, it was totally different as the first week had been so hectic and exhausting with all the meetings. 

4. There was a sudden event on week 2 saturday, "Ready For Success" (R4S). We were informed about the program like 2 days before the happening day but thank god it went well. 

big applause to my team! 👏

5. We celebrated Ariessa's 20th birthday in her room. Had pizza and a lot of joys together. We talked and gossip-ed about things. Oh well, the girls thing...

6. On the 24th, we had Majlis Surat Perlantikan Ahli Jawatankuasa. Basically it was all about the appointment of FSG's leadership. 


7. Undeniably, March had been such a worst month for me this year. Gone through worse breakout, also heartbreak. I was so stressed out and tired. Tired of everything. Nuff said. Just that, I'm truly grateful for the existing of some people who was there with me during my downs.

8. We (+ain bobby sheda) finally had a group skype call after soooooo long of planning! Hahahaha yes, it was our very first time doing a skype call. Lewls. We had a talk until almost 2am and I even got down to level 1 for the sake of a good wifi connection. Phew~

9. I went back home finally on week 3. And Poksu, Cikde, Makjue & Ebby sent me back to college but before that we went to Damansara to have some good foods. Hehe.

blessed <3

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