Friday, 25 April 2014

Not love but hate

I hate people.

I hate how they never appreciate me. I hate how they never realise my existance. I hate how they never try to understand me. I hate how they take me for granted. I hate how they talk to me when they're in trouble/bored. I hate how they never see my efforts trying to be happy for them. I hate how they left me behind. I hate how they automatically forget abt me when they've found smtg/smone. I hate how they never realise that im there whenever they need me--but they. I hate that they never realise their words affect me. I hate how their acts pissed me. I hate that i have to pretend like everything's okay when it's clearly obviously NOT.

I am always trying to look fine, to be fine in order to not destroy the relationship between me and people. Trying so hard to not care, but i can't cause im only human. Human with a freakin fragile heart. I easily get offended without people even knowing.

Wtvr it is, life goes on.

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