Saturday, 30 April 2011

It's your day my dear ;)

Hey all :)

Okay here you are, 


Hey sweetie, you're fourteen now may Allah bless you always k honey. LOL okay tktau nk cakap apa, just wanna wish you for the 10-20 or more birthday wishes. hihihi oh and take a good care of the present I gave it to you k? And thanks for being my really super great friends whenever I need you. You always be there when I need you up. Your problems your happiness your joyness with me such a great things yknow. 

And please always remember that i love you till the end of my life :) I'm sorry if I'm the reason you always been sad. I'm sorry if I'm such a bad friend to you. But till iloveyou nisa 

Izz :)

P/S : Actually her birthday was on 28th April but I've no time to update 'bout it till today. Kbye.    

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