Saturday, 2 April 2011

Life been cranky

Oh hello people :)

It's been a really long time I'm not blogging, so sorry aliens. Yeah well, I'm really busy with life. So how you guys doing? I'm too busy this recent. There's no time for me to online-ing and all. Well, everyday I got a tons of homework okay, like really. haih everyday yknow, pity me :( What else can I do beside doing that tons of homework? Nahh, I can't do anything, every single moments, was doing homeworks.

School, I'm really exhausted with this homework. Teacher only know give the homework and collect it when they wanted and us, must do the works they gave. Next year, I'm pmr candidates and this year I'm like there's nothing to worry about. Just relax and enjoy with buddies, and without I'm realize now is April. God, 3 months ago with nothing in my head. And the latest test, my marks on March test was really really sucks. I need to study like really hard and smart okay. I MUST TO.

Friends, as usual nothing different. Became more crazy since that day. My crazy friends, I love them. You have one like them? I bet, no. I just hope our friendship last forever, till death till my last breathe. Sometimes, I wonder, why does that people we look really pretty, beautiful and almost perfect, have lots of problem in their life. Like really complicated, especially with friends. But, alhamdulillah I got some friends that can be share sad and happy times together. Thankyou, you guys really make my day. Everysingleseconds.

Folio, haih haih haih I'm too lazy about this kind of work. Yes, yknow we must search here and there, and interview this people that people, think about the essay, what to write about, how to describe it, how to elaborate it, ahhh such a complex work. Too many things to do. Folio, complicated :/

I love this crazy tragic
sometimes almost magic awful beautiful life :) 

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