Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hey guys :]

It's a really really tiring day. Yeah, the whole day got to attend various events. So today, woke up at 6.40am 'cause got to go to the school for the Maulidur Rasul celebration at 7.30am. And yeah, we marched around while say the prayers for our Prophet and the boys hold up the banner we did for our class. It's effing tiring yknow. Like seriously.

Our class won second place for the banner category. Oh great okay! This year celebration was not really happening. Just b o r i n g -.- A lot of talk. 

Went home, and not really enough rest I've to ready to attend Idris's birthday party. Reached there, I'm really sleepy like haih. Just imagine if I've a pillow and a bolster that time, ahhhhh surely I'll be sleep right that time. 

And yes, at 8.30pm I've to follow my parents to attend Uncle Arol's wedding. Haih, very tired. Oh gtg, have something to be done. See you guys later.

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