Saturday, 22 January 2011

Stuff Done by Little Sister :)

Hey all :)

Know what my little sister did last week ? eugh. I'm so angry. nahh, not really actually. My little sister, Nur Izz Farhani or much known with her indulgent name, Ebby. I know it doesn't have any relationship with her real name. But she comfort when people call her Ebby.

She's just 7 year old and just start her new life with school. Currently studying at JEPS which is my primary school too. She had done really silly stuff last week. And yet, now I've the time to post bout it. One night, when I'm get on to bed, I took my lovely teddy bear which up there in the picture. Then after few minutes I've hold closely with that bear, suddenly I smell something weird. And I know who did it. Not more not less it must be done by Ebby. And I was just like ;
"Ebby, kenapa bear ni bau perfume kakak dgn bau bedak?"
"heheh :D manada, Ebby letak bedak je sikit dekat dia."
And I was like "TIPUUUUU, ni bau perfume!" Then I know what she had done with that bear. She took my perfume and spray on it and also took my body powder and put it on the bear face. And yeah, until now, the bear still smelled with that mixed perfume and powder.

But yeah, its okay little sis. I forgive you this time. Next time, I kill you if you take my stuff again. hahahaha :P JK lol . Little kid doing weird stuff. No worries xoxo !

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