Saturday, 6 December 2014

PLKN part 2

People were so busy checking on their placement for the 1st group.
there's me
scared & excited 
at the same time
to check mine.

I gathered the strength and with the boldly heart,
I checked mine.


I was so shocked.
(over beno but thats the fact)

While still in shocked, I checked via text also.
(just to make sure it's true)

Few days later....

My my, call me crazy cause I am.

Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful and feeling blessed.

And so, I've been chosen for the 1st group placement which starts this 7th December 2014/Sunday until 14th February 2015/Sunday at Pelangi Hill Resort Camp, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor. Yeah I am double grateful that the camp is in Selangor (even if its still gonna take like 1-2 hours but still, it is in selangor).

So I received this love-letter on 18th November 2014 at 2.06pm

So proud that my name is stated on an official kind of letter hahah what even

Everything is done after I finished my exam and guess who's that freaking excited person on earth? Yea yup I don't even know why am I that excited but yes I am. Probably the shopping part that excites me, somehow.

Oh and not to mention that all the stories/thoughts/words from my dad's friends that even boost up my excitement. Really, thank you uncle(s). 

Dad : first week nanti mestila terasa jugak since kakak tak pernah pergi jauh, kalau nangis pun first week je pastu jumpa kawan nanti enjoy la 

Mum : ala takdenya ibu tak rasa kakak nangis nangis dekat sana, best apa jumpa orang baru

Hahahahaha my parents are betting on me. Lets just see who's right and who's wrong. But honestly, I think Im gonna cry maybe after they sent me off, on the bus. 

"Hanya dibenarkan bawa 1 bag pakaian dan 1 bag sandang"

And how do you think that is fine?! Like seriously, I re-packed everything for 2 times because my things can't fit in that bag. Like only ONE FREAKING BAG R U SERIOUS MAN? 

Am I ready? Physically and mentally? I don't know. But I'm kinda excited too!! But I'm afraid too and nervous too and...ok. Wtvr it is, tomorrow is the day! I'll be away for like 3 months? (am back officially on 14th feb anyway) 

Okay so,

Please pray so that everything is gonna be easy for me. Pray that Allah ease everything for me. And do come and visit me during weekend- not to forget to bring good foods along hehehe

Bye everyone, take care <3

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