Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Writing Challenge #16

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Day 16 : Something that you miss.

I am now a 19 years old teenager but there are already many things that I kinda miss. Couldn't imagine me in another 20-30 years, I must be missing everything in my life.

1. Being a kid. I'm only 19 but it feels like I can't deal with life anymore. Well I'm in that so called I'm-still a kid-but not really-maybe-a teenager-that's turning-into-adult-soon-but not yet kind of phase. That phase where I need to start doing everything by myself. Be independent and be more brave than ever. I don't like doing adult's things like why can't my parents do everything for me like they used to when I was still a kid? I miss doing nothing and enjoying life as a kid where people will come to me and "eee how cute geramnya comelnya" while pinch my cheeky cheeks. 

2. Celebrating my birthday at school with the teachers & friends. Oh god I swear I miss this. Back then when I was still a kid, since kindergarten mum and dad will always bought a cake, packed some goodies and brought them to school. Then the whole class will sing 'happy birthday' song before I blew the candle. We had fun eating and playing around and took photos. My my I wish there's an undo button so that I can re-watch the moments of me being happy and playful.

3. My maid, Kak Marni. Among them all maid I had back then, I'm close to my second maid- Kak Marni. So close that I even read her diary and her text with her family in Indonesia. She's the most loving one I guess, she loves us. I cried when she had to go back to Indonesia. We shared secrets, stories together and she'll do anything I asked her. Whenever I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat, she will simply fry some nuggets for me, at any time I wanted to. I miss having a maid :( Oh here's a photo of us back then; 

4. Ok this is so random but I miss having no mosquito bites on mehhh!! Like back then when I was a little cute chubby girl with her 'maggi-hair' (errone called me with this term when I was small) I love to follow my grandpa to the orchard whenever we got back to hometown. And every time, Atuk will say "mesti darah nani tak sedap ni sebab tu tak kena gigit nyamuk langsung" hahaha but true that I got no mosquito bites unlike the others, full with red patches on their body. That was 10+ years ago, now not anymore. I even got bitten in my house. 

5. Doing stupid things in high school. Oh my god, I don't even know what were we thinking back then when we're doing those stupid things. I once got a free counselling session because we (friends & I) did something stupid sabotaging our own classmate. And many more cases of course. But doing those things with your cliques, it was fun like we don't care about others we ruled the school! 

6. Sekolah agama mates. I miss those moments where we were riding bicycle and been chased by the gang of people who got a crush on us every evening. Lol this is funny doh.

7. Eating nasi lemak under the light of thousands stars and gossip-ing with my dorm-mates during national service. I know it's been only like a year ago I ended my national service program but I honestly already miss everything about it. Kem PLKN Pelangi Hill Resort, Kuala Kubu Bharu; here where it all started.  

8. And not to forget even though I just finished my matriculation program 4 months ago, I miss KMS. 

Truth be told, there are so much more things I miss about. It's just too long to be listed. So I guess I'll stop here. 


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