Monday, 15 August 2016

Writing Challenge #15

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Day 15 : Bullet-point your whole day.

So, here's my bullet point for today (Monday, Aug 15th)

  • Suddenly awake at 03.19 just to know that someone got an unstable emotion and couldn't fall asleep waiting for my reply.
  • After a several minutes of soothing session, I got back to continue my dream at 03.43.
  • Since Ain already asked me yesterday whether or not I wanted to follow her settling uni stuff- yes ofc, I had to wake up early.
  • Ain texted me at 09.51 asking whether I'm already ready. I said yes, just waiting for her to say she's out then only I put the scarf on.
  • 10.22 I got a whatsapp from Ain saying her car was down and got into workshop, so we had to cancel the plan. I changed my attire and watched korean drama that I've recorded.
  • After few hours of wasting time watching drama, "weh aku tau ni macam kel*** sikit but kereta dah siap. Do you wanna go?" hahaha this girl ah! 
  • So she fetched me at 12.34 and we headed to CIMB Bank to settle up her errands. Then to Bank Islam to settle up mine. Took a passport photo and shoot off to Wong Solo to have our Ayam Penyet for lunch.
  • Ain's dad called her and in need of the car so after had the scrumptious ayam penyet, she sent me back home. I reached home at 15.27 and was thinking about going to get my medical check-up done with Adik but it's late already so na-uh.
  •  Laying down all day long till the evening, got myself done and had dinner.
  • Wasting time by scrolling the timeline on twitter and kept on refreshing my feed on instagram & facebook. Stalked people, had a chat with some people and here I am typing this.
  • Currently it's 23.29 and I do feel sleepy. But when I get into bed I know that I won't be sleepy anymore. And I don't even know why.
  • I think this is the end of my today's bullet point. Thank you for reading! *wink* 

P/S: Ok btw people, guess who's turning 19 today?! It's my babe, Bobby!! 

Meet the angel, Sharifah Nuraina.
Happy birthday girl, stay being the talkative one and have a blast!
Much lahv for yaa 😘


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