Sunday, 12 April 2015

Those old posts

Ahaaaa gotcha!

And so, lately my stats increases drastically; which literally means people are viewing and reading my tedious blog. But-- I was appalled that the stats showed the posts that been read were those in the year of 2012 and below. *stalker alert* Hahahahaha whoever you might be, be. It doesn't matter, I don't mind people reading it despite that it's quite embarrassing for me.

This had brought me to stalk my own blog. I read those posts and wow- how childish how fatuous how nonsense I was, back then.

Nature of life, people changed-they grow up. Time passes, but memories stay. As I'm growing up, I learned a lot. Life has taught me a lot of things. I thanked Him for still giving me a chance to keep on learning in this world full of lessons. Somehow, I miss being a kid. But time wouldn't turn back as I always wish for.

As for now, I'm still in a phase of learning; that one of the phases of life that probably get me stuck in, for a long time.

Ps; I'm not going to delete those embarrassing posts, don't worry you can still stalk me.

Hahahahahaha NO, JUST DON'T.


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