Monday, 16 April 2012

Happy birthday to you


Me, Ebby, Adik.

So, yeah. Happy 12th birthday Muhammad Izz Zaki. You're already 12 you know? So, behave like a 12 y/o kid. Not like a 2 years. Please. Study smart for your upcoming upsr. I'll pray for you even you hurt me a lot. Please don't be so annoying and please understand me too. I got feelings too. And one more, please respect me as your sister. Sometimes, you can be the annoying bro ever. But sometimes, you can be the great bro too. Lol. Anyway, happy birthday. 


Ila Nurmaisara.

Meet my gorgeous friend up there. Ila is my friend since we were in primary. She's a cool person and of course a cute beautiful gorgeous pretty girl. So today is her birthday. Yeah, happy birthday darl. May Allah bless you always. Goodluck in your life and smile always. Thanks for being such a great friend. And agaaaaaaain, happy birthday.

I love you guys! xx

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