Saturday, 14 January 2012

Merentas Desa '12

Hello peepos. I'm very the very sleepy right now. But I can only online on friday and saturday, so I think baik online jap sebelum tidur kan? Hehe.

So, yeah I went for the merentas desa this morning about 7.30 and guess how many km we need to go through? It's 5km weh 5!! Sakit kaki hari khamis haritu time pengenalan track pun tak hilang lagi, ni dah double dah. And Moon got number 30/30 for form 3. Kira okaylah tu kan even number last, at least ada number. Daripada aku? Hahaha. Nothing much for today cause ya well I'm so very the sleepy right now and I've no idea what to write about. So yeah goodbye people. Gonna take my nap! 

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