Friday, 20 January 2012


Hi people. 

Thirteen days of school was very tiring. I mean, thirteen days as a form 3 student was very very very tiring. I'm tired. Not enough sleep. Loads of homework. Extra classes at school. Co-curricular. Tuition. Blergh. This is in January. How about Feb, Mac, April, May, June and so on? My god. Sokay, biar susah sekarang, senang kemudian.

You know what? I ada fail for the diagnostic test. Lulz. Kadet Polis, Rukun Negara, Badminton. Same as last year. Sadis gila. Oh and, I'm getting fatter. I love the new canteen. Makanan semua sedap. Tak pernah tak ada makanan. But, ze table and bench for us to sit and enjoy our meal is not enough. Seriously. Sesak nak mampus especially when the day yang ada budak petang. Blergh. No place at all. 

My school will be off for a week. Weeeee. Be jelly people. Holiday without homework? What a dream. I got loads to do okay. 

Oh tonight right after take me from the tuition, straight away to my hometown. Yay. And yes, sebenarnya aku dah tak ada idea apa nak bebel ni. So yeah take care peepos. See ya later. Gonna take my short nap. Or maybe a long nap...... 

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