Sunday, 21 August 2011

A day with sistahh ♥

We laugh, we cry, we make time fly, we're bestfriends, we're sibling. It's you and me, sister. Hello everyone. Hehe know what today woke up late so like stay in the room till evening and doing crazy stuff with my sister. Even she's just 7 but she do understand me a bit. Sometimes. And know the biggest thing we've did together, yes we're colouring the batik corak apa tah that she bought at her school yesterday. So here is it. 

Cool isn't it? Yeah I know. Haha maybe you guys would say alah mende je setakat benda alah ikan ni aku buat lg cantik lah or maybe hek elehh ni je yg mampu kau buat or whatsoever. But to me, it's really great yknow cause I'm the type yang jenis tak berseni and tak suka seni and nahh easy to say, I hate something yg ada kaitan dengan seni lah. Especially lukis lukis ni. Ugh not in it lah. But then I colour it up and at the end, I looked and I was like woah boleh tahan jugak aku colour cantik ah ni bagi orang yg tak berseni macam aku. Cey I'm proud to be me. Haha :p

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