Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Being left..

Oh hello readers. Heh I don't think so I've a readers. Huh like I care. Just me here wanna babbling nonsense. Well its been 4 days includes today he's not contact me. Not even a text saying hi. Let it be, eh know what? My results for this August Test was seriously sucks man. I don't know why :( Mesti nanti ayah dengan ibu marah gila babeng ah. Dah la like everyday mengadap pc ni. Kalau dapat result elok, then lantak ah kan who cares. But ni result cam haram je. Ahhhhhh heh kbye lots of story but I don't have a time. I need to take my shower right now. It's 11.48 and I didn't take my bath yet. Then off to school. School? oh god soooooo lazy. Kbye stay tuned!

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