Saturday, 13 August 2016

Writing Challenge #13

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Day 13 : What are you excited about? 

I just got an offer to further my degree (will update about it sooooon) in UiTM last week. So currently, what am I excited about is to start tomorrow with a clean slate and turn over a new leaf. 

I am that type of person who always list down my goals. But. Have never fully achieved them also haha. For the time being, I'm so excited to prepare myself and my stuff to get into uni. I love buying new stuffs! Especially when it comes to the stationery & clothing & unnecessary things. Basically everything. 

On the other hand, I also kind of eager to learn and gain new knowledge. Can't wait for the sleepless nights to begin again (ok no now yes excited, bila dah jadi kang all i do is complaint and sighing trust me on this). 




As much as I'm excited to start my degree life, I still don't wanna leave home :( 

How to get rid of this feeling ahh????


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