Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Writing Challenge #10

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Day 10 : Write about something for which you feel strongly.

Keeping the faith.

Having the patience.

Believe in the hope.

Hope, faith and patience- they're all intertwined. I know that God is fair and He has planned the better journey for us instead of our plan. I'm a rebel. I always questioned everything without even thinking straight, sometimes. I used to blame fate when things don't go my way, and in fact I still do now but lesser. I'm no perfect far away from perfect, indeed. I do sin, I'm a sinner. There's no other way to deny that fact because I am just a normal human being who's still learning to adapt with her life.

Growing up make me think wiser, rationally. I think about the consequences if I do things, I search for the reason when things don't work out, and I found that every cloud has its silver lining. There is always a glimmer of good in any bad situation.

"Be patient (in adversity), for verily, God will not let the reward of the righteous to be wasted." 

Hardships and ease are a trial for everyone in various ways. And the reward comes to those who are patient. There's time when I've to put up a lot of patience with all the things that messed me up and then good thing comes await. That time, you'll be so thankful and realize how great is Him. I believe there is always hope.

The moment we realize that everything happens by the will of Allah, all our worries begin to fade away.

Ps: I wanted to write more but I'm running out of time I have to settle things in these few weeks.


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