Sunday, 17 June 2012

Holiday with friendos @ Goldcourse Hotel


Went to school as usual. Bring along the things that should be taken. Entered the class for a few minutes. Around 10.30 went down and checked our name. Got into the bus and select the best seat. Me sitting with Munawwarah. Fareisya with Ameera. Ain with Anis. Gossip-ing babbling and sleeping were the things that we did in the bus. Eh, not to forget, eating. It's a must for us. Reached the hotel at 12.20 and we checked-in.  

I'm very excited like hell. Well, just so you know this is my first time went out with my friends. Silly me *sigh* Lunch nasi tomato and crysanthemum *don't know how to spell* so called teh bunga the one that in yellow. Ha you get it? Go and google if you don't. Laughing like crazy cause we found that awkward moment when everybody was eating and it was like........... krik krik. 

Sharp 3pm, everyone need to gather at 7th floor. Started our activity with the 'quack nana' omg this is freaking hilarious you know. The teachers divided us into group and I'm not in the same group with all of my friends. I'm in group 10. Felt like a statue in this group *krikkrik* Went back to our room at 11 or 12 I can't remember and party rocking! Jyeaaaaahh. Ain, Anis and Ameera slept earlier than me, Mun and Sya. Cause we had our heart-to-heart talk till 2+ am. We did unexpected things too. Finally slept at 3.

Foods for 2 days 1 night. Crazy huh?

Woke up at 6.20. Quite late cause Ain, Anis and Ameera woke up at 5+ and 6 hahaha. Went for breakfast at the cafe. Doing some activities in the hall. And there's one game called 'bola-bola api'. It's not a game actlly. This activity is something like this. First, we need to write our name on a piece of paper and give it to the teacher. The teacher will combine all of the names and we need to take one name. And we need to write a letter for the person that we got. Something like, secret admire writing a letter for us. At the end, we will take our letter back and read what our secret admire wrote for us. And I don't know who got my name. Whoever he/she is, thanks for the praises and your sweet words :')

Packed our stuff and went for lunch at the cafe. Around 1.30 we get into the bus. I slept along the journey cause ya I'm sleepy to the max. Reached school at 2.30+ and went back home and continue sleep and woke up back at 9.30+ omg srslly? Hahahaha.

Anyway, this trip was fun and I enjoy it. Thanks for the memories guys! X

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