Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Hello people. Morning. Now 1132 and I just woke up. Believe it. Yeah tu lah akibat kalau lepas subuh tidur balik. Sumpah rasa macam tak larat gila nak bangun. Malas gila. Ugh. Oh today still ada exam. Sivik, pj and seni paper 1. And you know what? Tak sentuh buku langsung. Great Nur Izz Hanani great. Give a big clap. *pap* Okay even those subject not-so-important but yes I've to take the paper no matter what. Even seni is the subject I hate cause I really don't have the talent on art thingy, I've to take the exam. Duhhh ._. why lah. Apa mau buat bukan aku yang tetapkan schedule exam kan. But but but orang kata sivik and seni susah. Oh really? Pheww dah la tak baca satu huruf pun lagi ni. Zzzzz why lah you so pemalas hah dey. Well idek why. Haha not funny. Byeboi me wanna take my bath now. Take care xx Oh before that, wish me luck on this papers okay! 

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